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Hi I’ve just been diagnosed with FM , I also

Have osteoarthritis. I’ve been taken off amitriptoline as I have a heart condition and I was on gabapentin, my gp has taken me off these too as he says there’s no evidence of them working and they are soon to become a controlled drug. I can only take paracetamol as I have stomach ulcers and everything else upsets it. So now waiting on referral to a pain clinic. I’ve had to cut my hours in work quite drastically due to pain and fatigue which drives me mad! I have thought about trying for PIP but it seems FM is dismissed a lot by them? Anyone else been successful?

Thank you for reading. Leila 😊

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You could take a pip self test online to see if you make a chance to get pip. It doesn't matter which condition you have but how it affects you. I receive Pip but my mobility is severely affected.

My pain clinic has been such a great support for me, I hope your pain clinic is helpful for you too!

Take care

Leilakane77 in reply to Hidden

I never realised you could do a online test to see if you qualify for PIP? Thank you I’ll take a look 😊

Hi as lemonade said you really do not need a diagnosis it is your mobility and any care you need.it is a wee bit harder if you work but do know a lot of people who get it with working.if you got criteria to apply I would phone and apply they can only say no and if you get anything even low rates you will be on the system p.s.citeria you had symptoms and ilness for 3 months and likely to last at least 9 months

Leilakane77 in reply to Ajay575

I’ve been in pain since I was 22. My mum has had to help me get in and out of the bath and my youngest son helps me get dressed some mornings . I’ll give it a shot and see. Thank you 😊

Ajay575 in reply to Leilakane77

Yeh phone them up today you have 6 weeks to fill i forms i think .when you phone have your ni number phone number Dr number bank details etc have them before you phone and say you had all this illness for years and did not knowyou can claim .you do fit criteria.and do the pip self test before you touch forms .Hope you get on ok and get it 🤞

I too have FM and Diabetes. I find Gabapentin really does help me along with paracetamol. However I do find it makes me constipated at times. I hope you find this helpful.



I take nortriptyline, naproxen, zomorph, pregabalin and oramorph. I don't know what I'd be like if I didn't take them as I'm still in load's of pain. Love and hugs to you all Lynne xxxx

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