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Living well with Fibromyalgia



I refuse to let either take over my mind or body. I try to think Mind over Matter. NO prescriptions for me. I take a fair amount of vitamin B's. The Dr. that gave me a name to what my body does said " I have learned to live with it. I believe I was so young when I experienced it all, I just thought it was normal. It is only recently I have heard people saying they have it.

Living with Fibromyalgia

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Hi Tote bit like you we had ME for 33 years with Fibromyalgia mix in and DID on top but that we have had from very young just added more. So just got on with whatever came a long but this year our Hipymobilty has come back with Vengeance so now have to look into ? Arthritis

Hi yes I am with you I have only had fibromyalgia for about 7 years - so I started having symptoms at about 53 -but after being put on many drugs and told so many things - I have found I have to get on with it (my own way!) That's good diet. Lots of friends as much exercise as I can manage. Doing things I love ,, and not to let the "low mood come" and I manage quite well while I keep to those rules. Neese. x

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