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Confusion relating pain to fibro or other disorders

Hi I'm new to this and don't really know what to expect. Was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 7 years ago. I'm only beginning to get support from gp and others because of other ailments. Have any members been suffering with Tinnitus, MSK problems, Pineal gland cyst, Kidney or bladder or lung disease. I get confused at times with pain in different areas. It's a minefield x

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Hi there, Jambuddy it's nice to meet you and wish you a warm welcome to the group. Your right it is a minefield at times with the symptoms of Fibro.

It's good to know you are getting help from your doctor. So many sadly don't have an understanding gp so that's a good start.

I see you have left your post unlocked. You may like to think about keeping your posts locked so it is only visible only to this community and keeps what you post private.

You may find some helpful information on our other forum fmauk.org it may be worth taking a look.

This link will show you how to lock your post if you wish to do this.


If you need further help please ask any of the admin team. We are always happy to help if we can. Please have a pleasant day xx


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I think you should ask for a pain clinic referral


And a lidocaine infusion - it will help your symptoms


Hi What is lidocaine?


Hi. I have an appointment in March 18. Already on a large prescription and seeing a neurologist who is understanding of this condition and has also diagnosed Functional Tremor Its just hard making sense of it all


Hey lovely ☺️

I don’t have any of the above apart from fibro but just wanted to say I hope you feel better soon 😘😘

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It is a drug infusion treatment but can be difficult to get because of expense I’m afraid. I had to fight a fair bit to get it but it really helps me.


Thanks for letting me know. I can relate to having to fight to get what you need. I'll speak to my gp and find out more 😀


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