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Happy New Year

Hi everyone, Happy New Year. I needed to post on here as over the last few days some new symptom has begun and I wanted to know if anyone else has had the same problem. My right arm has recently began to have reduced strength. I have water in a glass like I do everyday but over the last few days I've had to change the glass I use because I can't hold it in my right hand as it's become too heavy! So I've had to to having a smaller glass which I now use in my left hand as that one seems to be okay. My right arm feels weak instead of strong and painful. I've got tuba trips and I'm on the highest doesest of my meds. It just feels weird mainly because my right arm has always been my good arm. What kind of person can't hold a glass of water I cried to my husband. It's no use crying as it doesn't help. Has anyone else got or had this problem. It's sore to touch too. I think it could be a muscle problem but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance,


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Morning and happy new year to you, I think because you are crying in pain best advice I can give you is make an appointment with your gp , a lot of things can be down to our fibro pain but I think for a piece of mind and pain is quite bad for you get checked out , take care of yourself and let us know how you get on xxx


Always get new symptoms checked out xxx

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Finally something I'm an expert on every thing I use is now plastic yup I broke the glass and pot dropped them even empty they could be too heavy, I have Carole tunnel and raynauds in both hands they ve been injected operated on and it made them worse not saying it doesn't work I just did a 2500 word essay day after op as I was a student at time I don't think that helped. The more I use my handsthe worse it gets through the day till I'm crying and can't hold a fork, but there's also arthritis that can cause just as much pain, ask to see an hand specialist xxxxxxxxx


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