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does anyone here have lupus?

havent spoke to drs about this yet will wait til my next blood test but prob for about a month ive had a rash on my cheek(face ) and have blotchy hands usually when they swell up .but im also over a week late with my period and no not pregnant but this is so unusual for me as im spot on the day never late and not premenapausal either .all these signs could be lupus just wondered if anyone has this and havce the same symptons

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Hi angied iv not got it, but my hair is falling out and a lot of syptoms do point to fm they are very similar and gps do get confused, but the worrying thing with if it is lupus can damage yr major organs! U need a diagnoses, like i say i only have hair loss but with yr rash u should see yr Dr soon, hope yr ok hun, xx


Hi Angie I havee not gott Lupus but like you I have had the rash on my face and cheeks as well as the blotchy hands when swollen. I also suffer from numbness in different areas of my body lost the use of my upper arm and my legs disappeear from underneath me causing me to fall. I am waiting to see docs to ask them about Lupus.


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