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Does anyone take zapain ?

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Hi ive been taking max dose 8tablets aday for about 12yrs now im 6wks in to recovering from a double knee arthroscopy and really struggling the op has took away my independance i cant stand,walk far or do anything with both knees buckleing ,well before i waffle let me get back to my question about zapain,so ive been consentrateing on getting my knees better ibruprofen gel and frozen peas and hot water bottle for the swelling the upshot of it is i missed out alot of tablets and i noticed alot of my other chronic symptoms violent groin,hip,thigh back pain havent been as severe i now wondering if my meds might have been making my pain worse and that i had became dependant on them any thought would be appreciated thanks for reading take care joanne x

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Yes I do take Zapain but only when I absolutely really really need it. There was one time when I took it daily but like you I felt I was getting too dependent on it and I was also concerned about the long term effects. I also weaned myself off other meds I was taking and although at first it was hard, in the long run I do feel better. I can't say for sure whether this was all down to coming off the meds as I also give up work and was doing physio, daily exercises and trying to eat healthy. However for me personally I think some of them were doing me more harm than good. I did all this under the supervision of my GP who was briliant, so I would never recommend just stopping any meds you have been taking regularly without consulting your doctor. I'm glad you're feeling better but may be worth having a review of your meds with your GP and discussing this further. Take care lovely. xxx

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I,m wondering why your aren.t getting any physio after a major op like that and having both done is a bit criminal because this can be how it leaves you, I know the nhs are saving money but there has to be a limit. contact your surgeons secretary and ask her to let surgeon know how bad you are and that you need intervention.

I have taken Zapain for a number of years and my pain and the areas it is in seem to be constant in their nature. Couldn't be that you have been forced to rest more because if the double procedure and that has helped the pain? Just a thought.

I do hope you soon start to recover it seems alot to have both knees done at once and have no proper aftercare.x

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