Do you believe in them and what was your experience of them.

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  • I have two cousins who both saw a ghost in my grandmothers house, it happened often but they didn't tell anyone until they were adults. My youngest used to say an old man appeared in the corner of her bedroom, we live in a 300+ year old cottage and we know people have died here so I'm open minded.

  • Sorry I am a none believer in ghosts. xx

  • Im a believer in ghosts and spirit dimension.

  • We get random smells in the house, cigarette smoke on the stairs and perfume on the landing, a neighbor in a similar age cottage also smells cigarette smoke yet nobody smokes in either house and we live in the country so no people walking past. Tis a bit creepy.

  • Isn't that just a fibromyalgia symptom??,I often smell coffee , sometimes toast & other scents less regularly that emanate from nowhere & I'm the only one who smells these "spectral scents"

  • No because others can smell it as well.

  • True phantom pongs then!

  • I'm open minded

  • All very interesting. One day a few years back. I could smell, it's sounds funny but, smell my grandmother. She could of been standing right next to me. It brought back emense happy memories of her. The next day I was speaking to my mum. She said in the conversation, you know your nan would have been 100 years old yesterday.

  • Bobby16 that's a lovely visiting experience you had there. Its a real blessing I hope you always treassure. πŸ’—


  • I always think about it. It was like I could just reach out and touch her.

  • I've had a whistling ghost 🀀

  • What did it whistle?

  • It was in the middle of the night. So pitch dark. Then a faint whistling, as if he was trying. Not in the room but not outside either. So strange. A bright light moved sideways and through the curtain. I looked out in case it was thunder and lightning. But it was a calm night.

  • That's so cool. I've been meaning to go on one of them haunted nights when I'm up to it. They do them all over the country.

  • I like to watch the paranormal shows.

  • Spider555 Me too-used to watch those-used to scare the s..t out of me.

    Not had any experience of ghosts myself but someone I know said that shortly after he lost his eldest dog-he saw it in his kitchen and his other dogs were going mental.

  • A strong believer ... I see, smell, feel etc and so many experiences to write about. I often do readings when spirit wish me too.

    I'm not going to lie that I dont feel desperately sad that when my family members pass I don't see them all the time... but they are in their realm and we are in ours and we will be together again

    Healing blessings x

  • It must be amazing to have such a gift

  • Hi. What an interesting question!

    I come from a tradition that I can only explain as similar to Shamanism. So yes we beleive in all spirits and other dimensions. As I've been so ill I've hallucinanted, I am very clear of the difference between hallucination and a real experience. I've had the smell experience of roses and incense in my case indicating angels. I've seen "ethereal bodies" (don't know what you xal them here), Ghosts, Angels, Djinn & Fae, the works. It was very distracting at a stage to the point that I put a block up long before I learned how to manage them. Oh well, live and learn. Honestly the gift is also a curse you have to learn to manage an age as it takes over most of your life.

    Interestingly the Quantum Physics part of science is starting to support the existence of the paranormall with theories like Quantum Tanglement - if I got my terminology right. Where 2 sub atomic particles at different far away places are inexplicably linked; therefore explaining how we can pick information if we have one of those twined particle in our brain and someone/somethingelse elsewhere has the other which we can use like a phone, let say. πŸ’—


  • Wow I'm going to look at quantum entanglement sounds right up my street.

  • When I have reiki , various reiki people have said that there is someone else in the room keeping an eye on what they are doing to me. And this person moves round the room depending on where the reiki is being done on my body. Also while on holiday a few years ago I woke up in the early hours to find a man sitting on the edge of my bed . I wasn't concerned though and went back to sleep . A tea leaf reader told me I had a guardian angel and that was nearly 30 years ago before this all started happening

  • When I was a chiid, one night I felt the heavy presence of something sitting on my legs.i was terrified and to frightened to look. I don't think it was anything living put it that way.

  • What an interesting topic - I am open minded on the subject! I go and see a lady who specialises in Angel Boards and that has completed opened my mind! I would like to think that the people I love are still around πŸ’—πŸ’—

  • Yes I believe good is around us. But if I think that way I must accept that bad thing are around us as well. I agree with you. This stuff is interesting.

  • Agreed, I think you have to have bad to be able to realise the good πŸ’—πŸ’—

  • I met my wife who's family lived in an old corner shop and boy was that haunted when I moved in I got told about these I didn't care because I was brought up in a haunted pub one morning I went to the bathroom I was in there for a minute then all of a sudden there was a almighty force that opened the bathroom door I shoot out of there as fast as I could I saw this curtain move I looked behind it and nothing was there and I have had scratches on my back i was told it was from a cat because I was laying in its path

  • I have always believed, have seen my dad once for a short time wish i could see him again.

  • I always wish to see my dad if only just once.

  • Absolutely believe. Seen one quite often and no I wasn't the worse for wear! Also have had things moved or placed somewhere. Once worked in a pet shop purported to be haunted by a person who had committed suicide there. Shop was closed I was cleaning and lifted a mat and cleaned under it and put it back and hoovered over it (it was in the middle of the shop and nowhere near any stock). Turned round to unplug the hoover and there was a dog biscuit right in the middle of the rug. Also at the same premises an outline of a person can sometimes be seen beside the counter. Cat toys move too without any breeze or anyone near them. Never felt threatened or concerned by it though. Saw my dog the day after I lost her too. Wish she had continued to visit but it was just the once to let me know she was fine.

  • My auntie could always see her dogs when they had passed. I think some people are really gifted

  • I think having an open mind and believing in what you see has much to do with it. My father once went to pick up a cat, who he said had wandered into the house. When he went to pick it up it vanished. Everyone made fun of him and told him to lay off the drink! After that he never spoke about it but I often wonder if he saw anything else.

  • Yes diffo an interesting subject think you have to experience something 1st. When my auntie died my daughter and daughter in law were with me all of a sudden they both went whoooa did you feel that a gust of wind and warm it was it was went rite between them the fact they reacted both at the same time. MY daughter went to the vet to have her beloved dog put to sleep through cancer my husband who she adored heard her bark and looked at his watch he asked our daughter what time she told him it was exactly the same time as he had his watch that day he didn't know dog was at the vet just she was very poorly . Xx

  • I think in some way we get comfort from it.

  • Hi πŸ‘‹ bobby it's not the dead πŸ’€ that will hurt you it's the b***** (edited by admin) living πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I was never a believer in god or the after life but I can honestly say 🀚 on ❀️ there is definitely something all of my family and my wife s family are all around me and to be honest I don't care πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ what anyone has to say there is definitely something out there which gives me hope even after all the down right nasty 😷 horrible things that is going on out their in my own life as well as the world 🌎 I still have hope don't give up Bobby don't be another statistic let's get Britain πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Great πŸ‘ again angi the NHS back to being the institution it was ttfn

  • Yes I agree with what you say. Let's get rollingπŸ‘»

  • An elderly gentleman appeared on my grandparents / best childhood friends driveway where we are playing on a sunny 70's summer afternoon. The old gentleman is recognized by both my friend & myself & he offers to take us to the local park, we are both around 7 at this time. He pushes us a little on the swings & watches us from a park bench smiling, it's a perfectly normal pleasant treat for an hour or so.

    Later that afternoon probably an hour or so after , my friend says "I love your grandpa , I've missed him"... I said what do you mean ? , My grandpa is in heaven, (he'd died 3 years earlier), she then said "well the old man who took us to the swings was nice, I thought he came out of your nans house" I'd thought the old man her grandfather whom I'd never met & had died before my birth, my friend Ruth had thought it my grandfather... suddenly I felt a shiver & quickly ran to my grandmother's house & into the sitting room & looked at a rather small photograph taken in the 40's or 50's & there was my grandfather dressed in the same cut suit Homburg & horn rim glasses as the old chap , same walking stick in hand , just several years younger than he had appeared that day.

    I ran to my grandmother in the kitchen & told her , fully expecting adult disbelief , my nan , may she rest in peace, hardly turned from the sink & said , " oh I see him all the time! " , I said but nan I'm not joking... " neither am i " said nan, " I opened the toilet door last night and he was sat on the loo, I said what are you doing here Jack?, He says what the bloody hell do you think "

    I had never seen my grandfather able to walk any distance. He was gassed in Flanders during the Great War with both mustard & chlorine gas. When he was demobbed in 1918 he was given between 6 & 12 months to live. He became a user of traditional & natural remedies & also later a healer basing treatment around what is now homeopathic & herbal medicine..he managed to live until 1974 before his pulmonary system finally gave up. If anyone had the strength of spirit it would be him & we were very close up until his death. I'm not religious or superstitious....but hell we're all here suffering from a disease that can't be explained.....not to any of our satisfaction I don't think?, If it wasn't a shared experience I'd doubt that it was a false memory but I wasn't alone , it happened. Not scary sorry.


  • Wow what an increadable story. That was just great

  • & every word true! I'm not a superstitious type but as it was such a "normal" paranormal experience. One that has never made me feel anything but lucky.

  • Yes. I'm lucky to have been sensitive to spirits for as long as I can remember, certainly aware of it from about 3. My Dad had it too and helped me to not be scared and more importantly how to protect myself. In my current home I am aware of a lovely old lady and a really scruffy fluffy cat. I have noticed my cat following its' movements too so it's not just me 😊😺

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