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Worried and Scared

Hi all, Eight years ago i was driving to Brighton (HGV) and had to stop as i could not keep my eyes open and up to this point was also getting some severe pain in my neck,shoulders and back which i put down to wear and tear.My manager came to collect me and i asked him to drop me to Maidstone Hospital, I was seen by a senior doctor who after prodding and poking told me he believes i have Fibromyalgia, since then i have been on a steady diet of Gababpentin,Ibroprofen and Paracetamol.But in the last year or so my pain has intensified 3 fold and im seriously concerned that i may not be able to work much longer !!! How on earth will i support my family ???

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You need to get a sick note from your dr,start benefit claims ,lots of advice on benefits and work website how to fill the forms out good luck pal alan .

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Firstly have you been diagnosed with Fibro by Rheumatologist need a proper diagnoses and then medication.

Secondly you employer has to make reasonable adjustments for you

Don't stress just yet

Don't what ever you do give up your job as it will make getting any benefits a longer process .

Options are if you are unable to work ESA but your GP will have to provide sick notes and GPs are reluctant often to do this more likely to try other options .

PIP which is a benefit not for your Medical Diagnosis but for your Care Needs and mobility again more hard to get nowadays.

Please stay in touch and let us know how thing go


Maybe your company can find you an office based job? Planning the routes and journeys for other drivers? Calculating mileages, or pay? Please don't panic, I'm sure they are legally obliged to look for alternatives.

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I used to drive commercialy also before when i was up before the DWP/job center woman there said you have a licence you can go driving? I said not with my eye sight.

It does effect eye and hearing later on as can't deal with hard light changes now as there slow to react plus focus is an issue with fibro as it's a muscle that controls eyes.

Also get dry eyes etc so you can get eye issues that come and go also.

I don't mind driving myself as can go at my pace and stop when i need to even a nap as always keep a blanket in car or just don't go full stop if don't feel right.

Yet driving for others can't do any of the above.

Used to do often 3thou plus a week.

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You might feel light a rabbit in headlights just now, but you cannot help your health issues. We have no control over this. I was a senior midwife when I had an accident and developed fibro.

I had to give up work, and I was devastated. How was I going to pay my mortgage and bills? But I have survived.

You can survive too. You may need to give up your job, but find something else you can do? Work for yourself?

You may need to go off on long term sick whilst you try to get the balance right with medication and this might do the trick allowing you to stay in your current job. If it doesn't, then get thinking. There is a future with fibro, don't allow it to become ME too. Ask your spouse if they could change their job to increase their wage, or re train. If you find yourself on long term sick, you can claim ESA benefit, which you could put by ready to fall back on when your sick pay ends. It will also give you access to free dental care and prescriptions. Other benefits will also be available once you give up work. Claiming benefits is difficult at first because it isn't in your nature, but don't worry about anyone else or what they think, you're true friends will always be there, others who drift away are not worth worrying about.

Keep asking for help, wherever it comes from.

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