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Scared low and Nervous

I have reached a very low place wont waffle on about my health issues as i have already posted on them but on the day I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia the rheumatologist discharged me despite me trying to discuss my symptoms and the medication I was already on for my hip and how I could not tolerate a higher dose of gabepentin I was sick dizzy and still in pain the only advice she gave my GP on the diagnosis letter was that I had a compromised hip and fibromyalgia and to increase the gabopentin I was not coping then a letter of my employer of 22 years giving me the date of a attendance due to heath hearing which I was advised may led to my dismissal pushed me over went to gp and he just reduced my gapipentin and arranged crisis mental health team to see me today and a link worker who can I get to look at if there is any other medication I can try to help ease the pain and other symptoms I am having

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Hi I am on pregablin and buprenmorphine patches you have one on a week I am on low dose as you have to work up it takes about 2 week to ride out side affects I decided to stay in as it makes you a bit dizzy and you want to nap in the day things are getting better I can now tolerate it it has took the edge off I will need it upping in time to the middle dose but I do think they help you don't feel sick as there not going in your stomache xx


There are procedures to be followed in regard of terminating employment, you cannot be dismissed easily, if you have a union involve them and have someone attend any meetings with you, that is your right in law, all best wishes. Lou xx


I clearly remember your previous post Wendzwoo. I am so sorry that you still feel that you are in need of help so badly. It is a horrible place to be. It must be so frustrating for you.

I take Amitrypteline for Fibro. My rheumatologist thought that lack of real sleep was aggravating the Fibro, so by taking 100mg of Amitrypteline I find that I get more deep sleep. Also amitrypteline works on nerve pain. You may want to discuss it with your doctor.

Please remember that we all suffer in different ways with Fibro. What helps one may not help another. Many of us have gone through trial and error to find something that helps us personally.

Stress is also a contributory factor for Fibro, and with your employers lack of humanity it is not surprising that you have so much pain.

I truly hope that you find some peace of mind soon 🐸


Hello again Wendzwoo

From my own experience and from what I have read here, it is very common place for your Rheumatologist to immediately discharge you back to your GP once they have diagnosed you.

I'm wondering whether you've tried Amitryptyline? I know that some of our forum members find that medication very useful.

Do you think it is worth going to see a different GP at your surgery to discuss possible antidepressants and changing your pain relief meds?

I am not medically trained and am just speaking from experience.

I hope your meeting with the mental health team has gone well.

Do let us know how you are getting on.

Wishing you wellness and peace

Lu xx


I also remember your previous post and I am so genuinely sorry that this situation is going on and on for you. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to all of this.

On medications for Fibro, I take Pregabalin and Nortriptyline, but they do not really help me too much. There are other drugs that you could discuss with your GP?

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi, no matter how low you feel right now, talk it out on here as it may help you alongside the medical support. GP's and consultants may understand the theory, but people here understand through lived experience and can relate to your difficulties, frustrations and challenges . No doubt there will be many members thinking of you right now xx


I can't believe this. A Rheumatologist discharges you once you are diagnosed??

Their specialty shouldn't end with a diagnosis but seeing you through treatment.

I am so very sorry about your situation at work as well. I hope the mental health team can give you so advice and help with both your physical and emotional pain.

Please take care....

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My rheumatologist discharged me back to gp as soon as he gave a diagnosis. All my treatment is now initiated through the gp. Luckily I have an understanding practice.


So sorry to read that you are feeling this way. It is so frustrating not getting on with your meds. Your employers sound brutal too. I am lucky now in that my employers are quite flexible, but i have worked for some horrible people in the past who definitely wouldn't give 2 hoots about Fibro. I really hope things sort themselves out for you. Stress does you no good at all. I partly blame all the stress i went through for contributing to me getting Fibro in the first place. Take care xxx


I don't know about any one else on here but I think it's crap, once you have been diagnosed with fibro everything that you go to doctor with there after is fibro. No one is intrested any more your leg could fall off n it's down to fibro. I just went to my doctor yesterday my head goes numb n so does my face n well that could be fibro too xxxx I wish you all the best in the world Hun and hope you get the right meds and treatment sending loads of love your way xxxxxxxx


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