BMJ Podcast about Fibromyalgia

BMJ Podcast about Fibromyalgia

Hello fellow members :)

I came across this yesterday (it's from 2014) however it is worth a listen! Anisur Rahman, Professor of Rheumatology University College London.

The fact the Professor states it's real and also dismisses the assumption that the symptoms are psychosomatic or due to depression. This I thought was important due to may of us reporting having GP's that are NOT Fibro friendly. He also says it is a pain amplification and mentioning a gene that may be significant.

Some GP's should listen to this, don't you agree ?!?! It's now 2017 and this was 2014 the information should be getting through - well you'd have thought it should be anyway :P

Let me know your thoughts

Emma :)

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  • Thank you Emma, it should be compulsive listening to all of those disbelieving doctors, physios and psychologists!


  • Thanks for sharing this Emma, this is a great summary about all aspects of fibromyalgia.

    It would be great if there is a way of getting all doctors and medical students and health professionals (physiotherapist s, nurses) to listen to this...... :)

  • I wish my sound worked! I want to hear this so much! I'll try to get it working!!!!

  • Thanks Mdaisy my friend. It was extremely interesting although I wish he could have said there were some new drugs coming through the pipeline?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Thanks for this, very interesting.

  • Hi Emma he my dr I'm under him at the uch he told me there was no dr in the land that can make me better he does say it as it is which is good but he doesn't listen himself I see him every six months have done for years but it was my gp that diagnosed my fibro not him to be honest he only half listens he sounds so good when I listened to him on your link just a shame he not like that in person

  • I'll PM you to reply :)

  • Thank you Emma for posting this. I think all NHS staff should be made to listen to this at regular intervals. I've saved it to my desktop so I can send it to my dr.

  • Thank you Emma....Only just listened to this and it was so plainly stated and true...It is a shame though that nothing seems to have changed in 3 years......

  • Hi everyone

    For all the newly diagnosed or those trying to find out what is going on - if you come across a health professional who says 'it's all in your head' then others have said visit and request an information pack be sent to them and also they may like to listen to this podcast too !!

    Emma ;)

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