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Stuffed in minutes - Under 8!

Housing Benefit,Council invented + expanded number for weeks by a factor of nine. Hid document it took data off - from court. Back dated clawback an extra five weeks though previous court ruling i.e. Use date client aware of refund. Finally Three Lords ruling 'Both accounts to be used , where there are two accounts with same bank - penalties imposed for six weeks without proper data. Other data manufactured also.

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Hi there SamWoerth I see you are new to our group you did not say if you suffer from fibro? may I wish you a warm welcome. If your looking for some great information maybe you would like to take a peek at our mother site

I am sorry I can not comment on your post as I Don't understand what your trying to say. Do you have some kind of problem with monetary help and the council ? It would help if you could make what your trying to convey a little clearer thank you. Please feel welcomed.



Hello and a warm welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can get help, advice, support and understanding about everything fibro.

I am sorry I do not understand your post, although I am guessing you are having trouble with the benefits system. May I suggest you make an appointent with Citizens Advice where you can take all your paperwork and they may be able to help you.

I hope you get it all sorted out in your favour soon.


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