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I wrote a post on here a few weeks ago.i was worried about a recall for a chest X-ray saying something had shown up on the bottom lobe on my left lung. You lovely people told me not to worry. I should've listened instead I've fretted since then but the results from a second X-ray came back clear today. I had also seen a neurologist who has also diagnosed fibromyalgia but I was too worried about the lung thing to post anything else.

Isn't this fibro thing just the worst thing for someone like me who always thinks the worst of aches and pains and likes to know the cause of things? I also suffer from crohns, migraines with auras and like many people on here a host of other stuff.

Just wanted to get back in touch.

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Hi there Didoliz thanks for keeping us updated that's fantastic news WHOOOHOO so happy for you my dear xx



Hi Didoliz

So glad you are ok

We are all the same worry about things we have no control over and want to know as you say the cause of things .



I am so pleased the chest Xray was clear must be such a relief. In one way I found it a relief when I was finally diagnosed with fibro as with all the strange symptoms we have you start to feel you are going mad and the diagnosis is actually a relief.x


I totally agree. Even though I still have all the symptoms and pains ,the relief is so very welcome. X


That is such good news, so happy for you xxx


Hi I know how you feel,i almost panic when I'm called back for something,it usually turns out to be nothing but I just think the worst! There's probably a lot of people like us😃 take care. Chris


Thanks Chris. Am getting worse as I'm getting older. Never used to be so anxious. S'probably the fibro too eh? X


Hi Didoliz

I am so truly delighted that your lungs were clear my friend but I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have Fibro. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hello. I think poor nutrition is at the root of a lot of our anxiety. Our brains need good nutrition and when our tummies are poorly, they simply cant get it. The answer is to take care that our tummies are the best they can be. We have to eat as healthily as possible given our limitations. and we have to try to make up for what we cannot eat or digest.

I take probiotics every day to make sure my digestion keeps going. I take vitamins esp sublingual b12 which I am sure helps. (B vitamins are the stress and nerve vitamins). I take a turmeric supplement and I think that helps my tummy and mood as well as helping with pain. I have tummy issues but not anything as damaging as crohns.

I'm so glad you got good news to put your mind at rest. It is horrid living with worry.


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