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I've done it. At last I've been referred to a chronic fatigue specialist. Wasn't my GP's fault at all, just my stupid body. Apparently, I may have an underlying under active thyroid which hasn't shown itself yet. He explained that CF team may "bounce back" my federal because of this, but at least I'm getting somewhere!!! Have had a really good few weeks over Xmas and new year and now I'm struggling again. I hate this fatigue!!!!! Will keep you guys up to speed!!

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Hi Littlestar82 Glad you had a good Christmas and New Year, sometimes the adrenaline and excitement carry you through and make you feel well.

I am sorry to hear you may be hypothyroid, once they get your levels right you will feel so much better. It is something that seems to be quite common amongst we fibromites and it can be controlled well.

Hope you manage to get it all sorted out very soon.


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Good luck Littlestar82.

I like your reply bluebell99 - I know that adrenaline and excitement carried me through and know I'm...not sure what! Lost would seem to be like a good way to describe how I feel, all that energy expanded thanks to the adrenaline which also shot my blood pressure up.

Have taken time out from work ( not good but essential for me) to hibernate and get myself whole again. Its as if at my core I am still not able to cope with the world full time and need a lot of down time to cope part time.

I'm sure its my brain now that takes so long to process stuff mean while wearing me out so that I cant cope with the day as well as I need to.

However I have learnt a little compassion for myself hence taking time off.

Anyway I wish you all a good day, I will have one though not as I would have anticipated a while ago!! Being aa good adapter stops me beating myself up (too much!)


Hiya Littlestar82 sorry your feeling rough, quite a lot of us have suffered after the effort of Christmas. I hope they get your meds right and yoiu get some relief soon. Good luck and take care xx

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Hi Littlestar82

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have been feeling so unwell, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your referral my friend. Please take care of yourself. I will look forward to reading how it all goes?

All my hopes and dreams for you



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