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January = Joy vs goblin jailers

Good morning to all lovely people who are blessed with having long standing chronic health conditions and especially plagued with fibromyalgia. 🥇 for endurance all round.

Ssshhh! The goblin jailers aren't looking. They had a party last night and drank more poitin thinking they taught me a good lesson yesterday. My inner real me is trying to convince my 'changeling' body to cooperate and not sabotage me today.

Day 5 plan. Jump in icy sea and make a swim for it hoping shock would kill fibro tentacles but not me. Naw, scrub that it's -4 bbrrrrr. 😂

Juvenescence - Cinema at lunch time to see rouge one, Star Wars. Biggest bag of peanut M&Ms and just ignore weight issue today. With any luck the jailers will sleep 😴 off the hangovers and I get to enjoy film. Anyone want to play hooky with me?

After visit my my 98yr old mam and bring her a bag of jelly babies.

By the hokey it's 6am and I'm ready for an afternoon nap! 😂

please, please find a moment of joy today. Softest hugs te ye all x

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Morning luv your post ah the goblin sailors well I thought David had taken them with him - I so excited they managed to stay -why - well who else would we have to stop us entering the maze and find the baby!! You are quite right we need to smile to laugh to let loose that energy that build and builds until we........................................ oops sorry to early for that lol :)


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Love the idea of playing Hooky....xx


Awesome my friend! I sincerely hope that you stayed pain free and enjoyed the move? Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)


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