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Im sitting here having an inner battle with myself. I have to go to work in 15 mins, Im ready to go and just having a drink before I leave....but OMG I so just want to go back to bed!! So tired, the fatique seems to just get worse, I dont seem to have the energy or inclination to do anything, Everything is an up hill struggle and Im soooo tired of it. I suppose Im luckier than some, I usually have about 4 hours in 24 when I feel relitively able to cope with a few chores or a shift at work. Unfortunately on a late shift my 4 hours are up before I even get there!

Well I've succesfully distracted myselft untill its too late to ring in sick, so off I go. Im sure I'll feel better when I get there. :)

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Hi, thanks ChristineEls, was really busy at work so the time flew by. My feet and legs decided to give me hell but as I was only stood for about 45mins all together it was bearable. I do enjoy the company of my work mates, its good to get out. xx


Only just read your post. I was so feeling for you and hope that you recover quickly from the extra push it took today.


Dear Twiglet,

I'm glad you survived! I often feel the same but as I don't get paid and I'm min wage anyway that usually makes me go. When Im there I do most of the time enjoy the company of the people there, boss and manager are so unsympathetic though! I think if I was at home all the time I could lapse in to feeling a bit sorry for myself!

As you said though it is good to get out keep up the hard work!! xx


Thanks everyone, last shift tomrrow then a week off...bliss


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