Do you live in Cardiff?

Do you live in Cardiff?

Gail Neal and her son, Adam Neal, together with the Cosplay community are organising a fibromyalgia awareness event in Cardiff on the 13th August in the Cardiff City Museum. There will be a street collection across Cardiff city centre for FMA UK

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  • I live about half an hour from Cardiff so might pop along if. I can should. be good 😀

  • I will try to attend this, half an hour for me to Mydexter , willing to give up the MIL shopping to attend this:)

  • Shame I can't get to that, it is a bit far from me! Looks fun if anyone can make it there? :)

  • I went there once it was closed 😅 Naa loved it played rugby there ended up in Cardif high street in my pants 😎

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