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thankyou to all of you who replied to my post yesterday i managed to get an urgent gp app last night he told me they have exhausted all possible pain meds over the years and that upping the zapain im on wont make any difference just do more harm as ive been on them over 6 years, he checked my pulse in my feet to make sure the blood is flowing in my legs and said it was ok .i been worried to death over the last couple of weeks and have this fear i have cancer and its been missed as the pain has spread and is constant to reassure me he is doing some blood tests which include 2 for cancer i have booked this for friday and should get the results back early next week fingers crossed. thankyou all again for reading my post and all your kind words, take care all joanne x

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Glad you got the appt do let us know how you get on.x

I am genuinely delighted that you managed to get an appointment, and I sincerely hope that your blood tests go well for you. I am so sorry however that there were no new pain medications that you could try. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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