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Sorry if this is going to be a long post. I hope someone can give me some much needed advice. Got diagnosed November last year with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Have been on amitryptline since then, take 3-4 per night. Take Celebrex 200 mg for the osteoarthtritis, Omeprezole to help the stomach and 900 mg Gabapentin. Also non prescribed paracteamol as needed on advice from the GP. Had some bloods done which show I am border line diabetes and had tests done including a scan that show I have fatty liver. Since being on amitryptline I have gained around 3 stone in weight. Saw GP this morning about the test results for fatty liver and she said I need to loose weight, spoke to her about the amitryptline that has made me put the weight on and she agreed so I am going to come off them gradually. Has anyone lost the weight gained after coming off the pills? I am also getting desperate with the daily pain and need some advice as to what painkillers will help? I do still need to work as much as possible. She is normally a really good GP but she said that the pain levels will get better if I lose the weight and recommended taking exercise. I have an active job and dont spend much time sitting at a desk. Just feel so frustrated and dont know what to do, I struggle to get through the day as it is and work about 10 hours a day. Hubby thinks I should come off all the tablets, I have tried to explain the pain but its very difficult, I am not very good at admitting I have a problem and find it very hard to discuss whats wrong. It just feels that this is a viscous circle, I have hardly told anyone whats wrong not even some of my family.

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  • Alexander120,,

    I think the best advise I can give is ask you to watch this,,,,, it's one step at a time really.

    Best Wishes, Ray

  • Hi Alexander,

    I cant help re coming off the amitryptline, I take 10mg per night as I try not to take more because I cant function the next day. I can so relate to what you say though, I feel like throwing all my meds in the bin as I wonder do any of them actually do anything? But then Im scared my symptoms will be horrific if I do. I take co-codamol 30/500mg for the pain and Naproxen. The pain never goes away but I think this dulls the pain. Good luck x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I have gained weight a s a result of my steroids. However, I will need to take them for the rest of my life. I want to gneuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Alexander,

    I'm trying to follow a Stone Age diet as haven't shifted my weight from taking gabapentin. No additives or convenience food, no dairy, sugar or bread just back to basics. Recommened by top consultant Dr Sarah Myhill and others to help restore mitochondrial function. She reckons most illnesses derive from leaky gut including type 2 diabetes. Trying googling Stone Age diet and Dr Sarah Myhill and see for yourself. Might not suit everyone as I have tried something similar before but struggled to follow it when working due to time spent in kitchen, usually making alternative meals for family!! This time they have choices! They will eat what I'm eating or make their own. They are mostly eating the same but are thankfully old enough to cook if need be. Sugar is being demonised these days as bacteria feeds so much on it and yeast. It is so addictive and in almost everything we eat. Cut it out and I'm sure the weight will drop off us! Off to make Jamie Oliver's Energy balls using dates and honey as I need something sweet to have with my cup of liquorice and peppermint tea! (Apparently liquorice is good for your adrenal glands) The joys!! We can do but try! Good Luck to you and let us know how you get on! Jax ps I have been told I have non alcoholic fatty liver disease too. One doc said that was the cause of pain, another doc said absolute rubbish. 😖😖😠

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