Any Natural Remedies?

Any Natural Remedies?

Hi All, I have had FM for 7 years and so far lived on paracetamol and neurofen combos mostly. The past 18 months these have not been enough so Ive seen more specialist who just offer meds, before I start a life long course of finding the right pills can anyone advise on diets, remedies, excerise, anything, that could help put off med a little longer?

Neck shoulders, migranes, memory and anxiety are the major symptoms for me although I have many others too, I attached the helpful picture just posted by Scotty and I've crossed out anything I don't have so would love to hear what natural alternatives have worked for others will similar symptoms.

Thanks :)

Danielle, 34, London

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  • You could try a few vitamins D B-12 there are a few others I am sure someone can help you. Meditation, stretching, gentle exercise, I am a diabetic so I follow that diet, physical therapy might help, a good mattress, rest, don't over due....BUT before you do ANYTHING talk to a DOCTOR. I wish you good luck! I have had it for so long I broke down and went on meds. Hugs

  • You are unlikely to get any alternative help from a Dr,, they are usually as dismissive of alternative medicine as they are fibro!

  • Danielle...geez! I have all that...ugh! I have been trying to treat natural. A constant battle, And i am exhausted. Where to start. I take vit d, b12 and complex, vit c, thera tears for dry eye, take magnesium for leg pain (still not sure of dosage, and tried mag/malate for tmj and got bad ear pain. Not sure if related), formula 303 natural relief for muscle spasms from chiro works well. Tumeric doesnt seem to help. On digestive enzyme and probiotics, and i take my bach stress pastilles to help. All natural. So difficult. I wish you the best....

  • I do not personally use any natural methods but I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. I would discuss it with your GP as some natural substances can cause interactions with other medications. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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