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Am I likely to have Fibromyalgia ?

Hello there

I came across Fibromyalgia as my wife wife was give it as a possible diagnosis for her muscle/joint pains which had previously been ascribed to a side effect of the PTU she takes for her thyroid problems.

However on reading about it I realize I have many of the symptoms too, though some them could be down to other things. I thought I'd try asking here for people's opinions before I go see my doctor and convince him I'm a hypochondriac.

Let me tell you a little about myself- I'm male, 60+ and have suffered from type 2 diabetes for many years. Had good control, but last year or so been much worse. Better now, but not perfect. I also have an erratic thyroid ( it has nodules, and my thyroid hormones are sometimes normal, often low but occasionally high) I also suffer badly from allergies - though this seems to change from year to year.

My symptoms - I've started getting muscle pains for no apparent reason - often in the morning . My joints in my hand keep swelling and getting sore - this has been put down to gout. Also sometimes get tingling sensations in my fingers. Knee joints often bad too, shoulders stiff more than sore, limited movement in them.

Often come down with a mental fog - this has been put down to low t3/t4 and or high bs, but is bad as I'm self employed and need to use my brain in my work. Often have headaches and stiff neck. Also often very tired for no reason.

My sleep is messed up - some nights I only sleep a few hours, others 12 hours plus, though this is often interrupted sleep as I often need go toilet urgently in night.

Alternating constipation/diarrhea - again this has been put down to fluctuating thyroid levels. I seem to have developed some food allergies last few years, for instance Indian food often makes my nose run then gives me diarrhea a few hours later, but other times is fine. Much gas and rumbling tum, but this could be down to the Metformin I take.

What I don't seem to have is the sensitivity to pressure which seems to be a defining point for Fibromyalgia.

So how probable is it I have Fibromyalgia - or is it all because of other things?


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I only want to comment on what you don't seem to have which is the sensitivity to pressure. It takes an experienced professional to test what are tender points and use the correct amount of pressure. Anyone will have pain if excessive pressure is used and little to none with too little pressure. Some of us will be debilitated by the pressure used for a fibro diagnosis. Therefore you need to see one such professional.

You will have many helpful replies from this community. I will say that while many of your symptoms can be medicated for the fog can't and while a diagnosis is necessary for benefits I wonder if it is for your situation.

All the best whatever happens :-)


I'm more certain that it's likely my wife has it - her symptoms do seem to be a good match, though she is hyperthyroid rather than hypothyroid which often seems to joined with it. Our symptoms are somewhat different though, her pain seem much more sharp and acute than mine which is more like a dull fatigue pain. She is due to visit the consultant again on the 22nd - maybe he will have decided by then.

She gets confused, but then stressed and over-active, whereas I slow down to a stop - often because I can't remember what I am doing or how to do it!

I must say - having just spent 30 mins looking for the house keys, which I had put down on my travels, some of the things people say on here about fibro fog seem awfully familiar.

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Apologies, I understood that your last comment was a request for information about yourself.

All the best.

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It is about me - I'm puzzled that we both seem to match a good deal of the symptoms, but somewhat differently.

I'm probably not expressing myself that well - I've had rather a lot to take in the last 24 hours.

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Tibee, even without all the tender points it could still be fibro.

You will have to see your Dr and possibly get a referral to Rheumatology,, even then it is still said to be a diagnosis of omission.

Meaning if they can't find anything else it gets diagnosed as fibro.

Symptoms vary from person to person, but reading your symptoms I could have written them about me,, and added a few others besides.

The erratic T3 T4 will probably complicate getting a diagnosis of fibro.

The high BS and long term diabetes could contribute to the neuropathy as could stress.

All you can do is explain to the Dr your problems,,, I find that if I do not make little notes before going to the Dr the appointment is a wast of time as I loose my train of thought so easily now!

Best Wishes, Ray

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Hi tebee,

You and your wife seem to have a lot going on medically, and I presume you are both under the care of a medical practitioner, if not a specialist.

None of the people who post on this forum are Doctors, only people who have a vast knowledge of Fibromyalgia, and a willingness to share that knowledge.

If you go onto our Mother Site you will find lots of helpful information there.

At the end of the day, Fibromyalgia is only given as a diagnosis when everything else has been ruled out, and sometimes can take years to be given, and although a GP sometimes gives the diagnosis, it is usually given by a Rheumatologist.

I hope you and your wife get a correct diagnosis soon, and can then start on the proper treatment to help.

Best wishes.


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I am so genuinely sorry to read that both yourself and your good lady are both suffering and struggling so much. It may help to ask your GP for a referral to the Rheumatology department of your local hospital so you can discuss this with them, as it is usually a Rheumatologist that would diagnose Fibro.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you both all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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