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Quick PIP Update

So to carry on from my last post, my assessment was meant today but unfortunately because due to personal circumstances I had to rearrange, I called ATOS and I was very scared this would go against me but they assured me I could rearrange once with no issues. I have now got a new date of September 1st 2015 which is super quick.

I really hope this goes well as my pain and symptoms continue to get worse. It has taken me a while to compose the post for it to make sense.

Is everyones brain a constant mucking fuddle excuse my french. I forget everything.

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Basically yes to the last part of your post. Hope it goes well and remember tell them just how you do things in your day . Especially the way you do things differently to what you used to e.g. your exhaustions that make you sit or do you sit to prepare your food .......... love and blessings. x



A resounding yes! to your question! I used to have the most incredible memory. Now I'm sitting surrounded by post it notes and miss appointments left right and centre.

I used to pride myself on not missing appointments.

I'm a single parent so everything is down to me. It's hard when you don't have anyone else to rely on.

My family are miles away and it gets lonely too.

It's hard holding onto friendships when you're (me) so unreliable and have to cancel or forget.

Good luck on 1st September.

Lu xx


Just sending good luck message, hope everything goes smoothly for you x gentle hug


I really would suggest you make arrangements to record your assessment.

If you read the paper work you are well within your rights to do so, but you have to do this yourself and before you leave you have to be able to leave them A copy. You also have to inform them that you will be doing so.

I had mine the other day and I had thought of doing it but it ment buying two tape records and I had head a lot of bad stories about ATOS but I though it can't be that bad.

I only wish I had took the time to record it.

Please don't go on your own take a witness. Evan if they get told to move the chair and get out of the way and sit in a corner as soon as you go in at least they will be there.

I only hope you get a better experience than we did.

If you do decided to record it you have to ring them and let them know they might have to alter your appointment .

I sincerely hope and wish you the best.



When you are contacted initially to arrange appt. For assessment ,you must and can request in advance that you wish it to be recorded by them..It is then up to them to provide the equipment and pick up the tab.They then must leave you with a recorded copy before they leave your home.This is all in the fine print and is your legal right .It must be stated from the start off so that they have prior notice of their need to arrange for the ercording of your assessment.If you dont rrange it beforehand with notice given of your intent,then you must hire a sound ngineer and you must provide them with a copy of the must be a proffessional recording .

Good luck


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment, and please keep us updated with how you get on?

All my hopes and dreams for you



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