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I know how you feel

I can suggest what helps me; lay flat with pillows under my head and pillows under my knees and a remote control in my hand with the door shut and try to rest resting when you are hurting really helps especially if you can get sleep. I should practice what I preach because I am going to be hurting tomorrow since I never slept last night not so much that I was in pain I just could not sleep. My understanding is not having restful sleep can activate pain memory sensors and nerves in your body. Just to let you know my back was hurting really bad the other day and my husband is always on me about not drinking enough. Well I got to the point my back pain turned into me realizing I had not use the bathroom all day and could not urinate and I headed to the doctor of course first thing they do is give me a cup to go pee in. DUH! That is why I was there because I could not pee but like a nice patient I took the cup in there and I felt like A 2 year old with my head down and with the position I was in, I was able to go. Lets say my cup fillithed over. In 1 minute after I started sweating and my back was killing me the doctor came in and said examined me and he wanted to do a CT to make sure I didn't have any kidney stones. Great idea cause he found one in each kidney one in my right ureter and one in my bladder. So the moral of my story is I know how you feel sometimes you have to stop and rest and get sleep and sometimes when it's bad enough you have to go to the doctor because it may not be the regular fibromyalgia pain. You could be feeling something else. I was shocked I actually had something else wrong they were so surprised at how well I was handling the pain I guess after 4 years of fibromyalgia, passing kidney stones makes me look like a badass. I hope everything is okay w/u. Have your vitamin D checked almost everybody is low and it is so good to take vitamin d3 it helps with the muscle cramping and energy level. Also magnesium helps the vitamin D absorb.

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing sleep issues and that you have kidney stones. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. You are so right as we cannot automatically assume that every problem and pain that we encounter is Fibro related as it may be something completely different.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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So sorry to hear about your kidney stones and sleep problems. Have you tried amitriptyline for sleep? I find just 10mg helps. Also, you are quite right about Vitamin D. We should all get it tested and supplement anyway in winter. Another important vitamin for pain is B12. I take a sublingual tablet (2000) which I get off the internet - same place as you buy your books!


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