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Sleep paradox

Hi all!

I have discovered that for me, to get a good sleep I must go to bed as soon as I can when really tired, (I try to last till 8 oclock)...because if I leave it till later then I have a very restless sleep....(no sleep really)...

so paradoxically to wait when tired in the hope I shall be even more tired and thus will sleep better has been disproved for me...

Just had diag in March so still working things out.....?....

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I am genuinely delighted to read that this approach works well for you, and if it works go for it! I think one of the real big issues with Fibro is sleep, whether it is too much, not enough or broken sleep, it is all a sleep problem that needs to be addressed in whatever way works for the individual.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you continued success with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I crashed at 7.30 last night woke a couple of times and now up 4.15 still feel like I could sleep for longer, my body just couldn't cope anymore. Been back to full time work for a fortnight now after 3 week phased return and it looks like it's taken it's toll


After much hearache I resigned my post at school....I was on long term sick and hoped however to go back...I was deluding myself that I would manage...Now I am trying to self manage so that I can understand how to cope with my 'new' that in the near future I can go back to some sort of work? part time...I am determined to stay positive and all the friends here are a great help for support and positive ness......warm wishes neversaynever....


they say to try go to bed at same time and get up at the same time. I agree with you if you try to keep awake you get past sleep. wishing you the best x

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