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Just read this research that one of my close friends came across please have a read some interesting acknowledgment from medical specialists linking a cause of some types of fibromyalgia with clear differences picked up in the brain, please copy and paste the link below

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  • Thank you for this WEEme - I found this article 'Fibromyalgia now considered as a lifelong central nervous system disorder' found on the same site and written May 2015 was interesting too

  • I found both interesting, but for me the question is why don't men benefit from the pressure treatment?

  • LOL - Badger you know what you have to do !

  • LOL - well you know what to do ??

    Joking apart tho' as you've probably guessed !

    It's just they've researched female participants I expect - I would imagine the results would be fairly similar for you guys too ! :)

  • Get in touch with my feminine side :D :D

    It's just the way the headline implied it wouldn't work on men :O

  • Stop worrying about it Have you seen the size of those things?

    You would never be able to fit it in your set.

  • True. And would it work on Badgers? :O

  • I dont think we will get a chance to find out for the forseable future.I mean can you imagine how much they cost and how many would be needed? :O

    Well im going to stop trying to type in the dark and climb the stairs to bed. Nite nite my friend hope you get a good nights sleep. :)

  • Goodnight Sue XX

  • Dear MDaisy,

    Can FibroAction as an organisation bring this to the NHS or Health Minister, if they could also do clinical trial for UK people who would like to be on it, I would definitely put my name on it?... I thought UK are more advance than other country in term of Health...???

  • Very interesting, the only problem is there are only two or three centres in the British Isles with such equipment. Very pleased to see another article confirming that we have a real illness. xx

  • There is one in Leeds had a search x

  • Hi....have you got any other details about this place you could give me please. ....This hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment is intriguing. Many thanks.

  • A local MS therapy centre provides hyperbaric chamber at a very reasonable cost.

  • There's an MS therapy centre near us. Wonder if I go along and enquire they'd be willing to offer it for fibro as the article suggests, for a reasonable cost....?

  • Try giving them a call the only qualifiers were an illness that could be treat and a letter from your GP that states no medical reason why you should not be in a pressure chamber on oxygen.

  • Glad to see useful pieces of research, lets just hope now that all medical professionals believe it to be a real condition,not just the minority. MDaisy will have a read of the other article plenty time off work to make myself useful takes my mind off feeling sorry for myself today is a good day no sickness so far, but I am doped up on anti sickness again. Xx

  • If seen as a positive treatment then should be offered at reasonable price or free on nhs for those that can't afford to pay. I don't receive any benefits but do feel paid all life into nhs so should get the treatment needed for my health condition, but the way the nhs is doing at moment can't see that happening. Xx

  • Very interesting read, wonder what it would be like in one of those chambers, I would risk it no probs. To be without pain eh? Can only dream of it at the moment.

    Some day :-) :-) :-) . xx

  • I found the second article the most interesting. It almost recognised fibromyalgia as neurological rather than Rhumalogical.It is one of the best ive seen for describing both the symptoms and the possible causes of those symptoms.

    The treatment with the oxygen thingy, Well, we will have to wait and see. :)

    Good night, see you all tomorrow. x

  • My Neurologist believes it is neurological, there is more research to be done though xx

  • i have always been inclined to believing that it was Neurological. because the symptoms are the same as with a stroke and a brain Hemorhage.

    Sue x

  • Interesting

  • Hi WEEme,

    Thanks for posting this very interesting article and also the linked 'Fibromyalgia now considered as a lifelong central nervous system disorder'. Both of them gave credence to the reality of our condition, which I just wish many more medics would take on board and the seriousness of it. 👍🏻😀

  • I am actually going to see my Gp on Tuesday to discuss giving this a try, having read this and previous research/articles.

    Ms centre offers this, for a small donation so it's affordable to try a few sessions and see if it makes any difference xxx

  • Lets us know how u get on Hazel x

  • I will do x

  • what did gp say Hazel? had they heard about it?

  • Gp had heard of it, but not specifically for fibro. I passed details of the study, and the Ms Centre I will be attending, and she was going to look into it further xxx

  • Thank you so much for sharing it was very interesting.

  • I have read about this before. I do wonder if it works.

  • Hi, my gp had heard of it but not for fibro, but she was willing to write me a letter saying she had no objections to me trying it. She is a great GP that way, she knows I am up to date on latest fibro research etc, and doesn't mind admitting that I know more about fibro than she does.

    I'm now waiting on ms society sending me out a contraindications form, which my Gp also needs to sign, to confirm I do not have any other conditions that may cause a problem.

    Next step after that is to attend the centre for an assessment and get booked in for my first session.

    I'm off on holidays for a week, so nothing more will happen to July... But will post how I get on with it once I start the treatment x

  • Look forward to seeing how u get on keep us posted xx

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