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Ill Health Retirement from NHS


Hi's been 6 months now since the process was started for my ill health retirement from my NHS job....I'm currently 2 days off the deadline for my 1st appeal against the decision not to grant me it. The reasons given were nothing less than ridiculous and about as far away from the provided facts as you could get. Extremely distressing as you can imagine. Anyone been through a similar situation ?

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Not personally but a friend, took a while with her but she did get in the end, so hope it works out for you.

Hi Jane

I was recently granted ill health retirement with fully enhanced local government pension. I'd been on sick leave for 7 months. Massive relief to feel vindicated and validated. I hope you can achieve what you're looking for, it's a hugely difficult process to go through. I wish you all the best.

I have not been through anything like this but I do remember your previous posts about it. I am so sorry that you were not granted your ill health retirement and I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi there, I'm sorry that you are having to go through an appeal to get ill-health retirement. I was granted retirement in January after I was off sick 9 months. I worked for the Police and they tried to get rid of me through a back door. It took them 3 months to organise an appointment with Occupational Health. The OH doctor recommended me for the ill-health retirement process but I had to go and see and Independent Registered Medical Practioner. The OH doctor was part-time so it took her a number of months to gather all the information together. I had to chase up a report from my Neurologist. I saw the IRMP in December 2014 and got my report from them after 2 days but due to Christmas I had to wait a month for my HR department to have the retirement signed off. I had been recommended for retirement at Tier 2 (25% enhanced). As you may know, doctors do not believe Fibromyalgia is permanent. I am only 36 so it is expected I will be able to return to work at some point in the future. It's all about providing enough evidence to prove you have a limited capability for work.

I sincerely hope that your appeal goes the way you want it to. All the best.x

hi, I worked for the nhs, was full time, then 30 hours, then 25 hours then 20 hours, I just couldn't manage any more, so had to finish work at 54 years, which made me very sad, it took me about 12 months in total but got it at first try, was awarded tier one. I had a very good occy health consultant, hope you have, good luck x ps let me know how you go on

Get in touch with your MP. It is part of his or her job to represent the interests and concerns of their constituents. They work for You, and don't let them forget it, or they conveniently will.

HI It took a year for my ill health retirement to come through with WSCC education dept and it was my decision as my body just could not cope any more. ATOS managed to lose my paperwork which didn't help!!

Hi, I retired on ill health grounds some years ago. I was suffering from PTSD. I was a nurse and working for the NHS. I was initially turned down but they gave it to me after reviewing it after a 6 month period.

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