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Ill health retirement from NHS


Hi Everyone

After almost 12 months my ill health retirement from my NHS post has come to an end. I have been awarded Tier 1 and left my job at the end of July. Just waiting for my pension to start. It has been the worst experience I have ever had but finally I can move forward and make plans. I hope that despite everything I have gone through it doesn't put anyone off doing the same. You need all your best willpower and determination and get as much evidence to support your case as possible. You also must be willing to wait and never give up....

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That's the main thing never give up. Keep trying till you succeed.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck for the future.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi there, I also got my IHR from the NHS this year. I worked as a midwife and miss my job although not the stress! As you say it was not a pleasant experience but I was lucky to have a great occ health doctor, and I got a union rep on board. Took a while to get the actual pension sorted but hey ho its up and running now, not that it's much but every little helps right? HOpe you are doing as well as can be expected. I've posted earlier about the stress I'm having with my Esa, just want it all sorted so I can get on with my to speak!


Jo x


So good to hear you have managed to secure IHR. I am going through the process atm but my occ health doc thinks fibro and ME will pass. I have read so much trying to find a prognosis as i have had this for coming up for 8 years. I have managed to work mostly 6 of these will little absence but crashed two years ago and diagnosis followed. I mentioned to him Cheif Medical Officers report and NHS website which says there is currently no cure. My GP thinks too things will improve with proper management but I have been trying to return to work as an adult trainer/teacher but jeep crashing in relatively light duties. Does anyone here have any literature ir a chrystal ball which will will help me define a prognosis to Occ Health and GP? Union rep been really helpful. She recognises and sees the pain i suffer and listens to my moans (which i hate doing and try so hard to remain upbeat as part if pain management). I have PIP assessment next week and have applied for blue badge but not heard anything. Some days i just want to give up as the stress is too much but keep hoping that it will pass soon. Any help or info of prognosis of fibro/cfs would be great if anyone has some. TIA. Jax

Hello...please don't give up. Your going through the same as I have. The only difference is I also have a rotation to my spine and shoulder problem. I was diagnosed with Fibrosis in 2008 and like you tried to struggle on for about 6 years with my nursing role being adapted. However as you will know there is only so much adjustments that can be done before your colleagues see you as a burden and not pulling your weight. I was a senior nurse specialist and quite honestly my symptoms got worse and worse. Now, I believe that the stress of coping was making my fatigue and pain worse. I approached my occ. Health Dr, who was very supportive as was HR and my manager. All forms were filled in by the end of December 14. However this is where the challenges began as my 1st application was rejected. I spent days in such despair that I couldn't see an way forward. The trouble was the report from A Atos was full of utter rubbish, including inaccurate interpretation of facts. Fibro is recognised as a disability and long term condition and cover by the disability act.

For my appeal I had all the information that was used by NHS Pensions in my case and went through it drawing out all the inaccuracies. Finally on the 39th day of the 40 working days I got my award of Tier 1...Still waiting on my actual pension but at least it's coming. Teir 2 is vertually impossible to get unless you are extremely disabled or terminally ill. You have to stay strong, focused and determined...

The prognosis of Fibro is unknown and if you can prove that you have progressed over the 6 years it will demonstrate that things have got worse for you. Worth seeing a psychologist to get a report about the mental dysfunction and they may be able to offer some coping strategies If your symptoms and pain have got worse, get your GP notes and all letters from any medical appointment, physio etc. Also write your own personal statement explaining how your condition affects your daily life.

Push for the blue badge and it's worth applying for PIP....I've rambled on now but I had no one to guide me and I fought it all on my own...I did a lot of crying and eating but now it's concluded I feel so much better. I've not actually worked since Jan. ..but as I have Tier 1 which allows me to work I feel able to do a little work..

Good luck and feel free to come back to me as I'm happy to help if I can...xx Jane


Thank you very much Jane, it is really helpful. I have all medical notes and letters already and have seen psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist, rheumatologist ... You get the picture. My GP Is very supportive albeit i am in the process of moving house to a bungalow which is out of her catchment area and i am dreading starting again with a new Dr. I really enjoyed my work and have spent a lot of time travelling the countr, sitting on national working groups, writing new training material as well as frontline teaching. i am finding the brain fog a nightmare and even the thought of standing in a class gives me panic attacks. The pain , fatigue, clumsiness, cognitve problems, ibs, chemical sensitivities etc are all debilitating and i find pacing difficult having been one who has ran at a hundred miles an hour for years. The thought of giving up totally frightens me as i am only 50 hence i have kept pushing through difficult spells but since december 2013 i am finding now that is not the thing to do and i should go more with the flow. the atos assessment is really freaking me out but i am sensing from you and others on this site that the choice of wording is key and i should focus on bad rather than the good days. Difficult when cbt tell you to do the reverse. Thank goodness i have had the support of my union rep and with her help and your info i shall be determined not to give up. I have worked all my days and never claimed anything before and feel terribly guilty given the current climate which makes you feel like a scrounger! Nobody in their right mind would choose to be in pain every single day. I would very much like to get things sorted and like you maybe look for more flexible part time work - fingers crossed - thank you so much for your help and kind words of encouragement - Jax

Hi Jane, not sure if you will see this but could you tell me how you won your appeal?

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