hi all im new here im from new forest area hants/dorset got diagnosed last october and its slowly getting worse. i work part time and will carry on working thru the pain as i enjoy meeting the customers but can have a chair to sit at till although i do get stiff. have 4 kids ,4 dogs 7 hens and 2 ponies (dont ride thety are my daughters but do help out with them) i make myself walk my dogs everyday even in pain as i wont let this pull me down having given up power walking and ruinning as it was too much for me.

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  • Hi and welcome to the group. I'm sure you'll find lots of support on here as there is so much positivity and help for all. I don't have FMS but my daughter - Rach1977 - does, so I'm here as a volunteer to learn more and support her as much as I can and the group as much as possible too. Do check out Rachel's blog about a local group meet in the Bournemouth area that she just posted a few minutes ago. Hope you would be interested. All the best.

  • Hey, great to see you on here esp as we live close by. Wow, you have all of your work cut out with all those animals!!! Do you find the winter has made your pain worse?? xx

  • hello all i have had fibro for 4 yrs now as well as other medical problems this winter as been the worst yet i live in the peak district my name is diane but like to be called di i live with my dog she is called mitzi she is my baby i have been given morphine patches this week as i couldnt stand the pain anymoreits better if ppl as where i dont hurt than where i do i have to go see the doctor on weds for a walking stick to help with my walking i feel so old these days xx

  • I admire you all for keeping going through the pain. I am more of a wimp so I cannot do that. I was wondering how you did it really and what meds you are on? I am on Amytriptyline and Lyrica, with breakthrough pain being controlled with codydramol.

    I also have a dog and feel really bad that I cannot do the planned walks but she is my lifeline and has made me get up and let her out, feed her etc. My husband has taken over her exercise which is great as he needs it too! Now I have a mobility scooter I walk her - we probably look quite a sight especially as my cat joins us! We live near a beach so she has a free run there and a couple of other places and when we come back the cat is waiting at the end of the road!

    I still work, was diagnosed as in "I think you may have..." but not officially. I work in a school and have a computer chair so I can sit with the children and support them and a wheelchair for the distances so I can get there faster and last longer.

    Soft hugs

  • i take amytriptyline as well as morphine patches only been on them 2 days they take some of the pain away but not all of it i have a great doctor that helps me and knows what im going though for the last 6 months i have been house bound cause of the pain im so glad i can do my shopping on line gentle hugssss to you all x

  • thank you all for welcoming me and yes winter is bad but i only got diagnosed october and went to my dr and told him what is was he agreed as he knows alot about fm also my friedn has it my mum had it and 2 of her sisters have it im hoping summer months will be better had to get drs note saying i needed heater on at work cos i dont work in cold and were right near the doors. i also walk around usually putting stuff back on shelves just to get myself unstiff lol. the only meds i take are anti depressants 1 in morning and 1 at 4ish to help me sleep but not sure if ill carry on with that 1 as its not helping with the sure my started as had so many deaths in the last 2 years my sons friend was killed in an accident and my son saw him on the rd so had to help him with that grief, then my sister inlaw died suddenly then my best friend died from cancer aged 43 6 months after that my mum died and 6 months after her my sister died! i got very down when my bf died and think that was what may have triggered my fm and this thurs it will be 2 years ive been without her and have been getting down again but will soldier on will not give into this

  • Hello Angela,

    I was wondering what antidepressants you are on as I have Lyrica but take it later at night than that and also Amytriptyline for restless legs [which is a kind of pincy feeling in my legs and they cannot get comfy they are so sensitive to fabric creases etc] I was taking Lyrica at bedtime and Amytriptyline earlier but I find around 7 or 8pm is better but I have to go to bed two hours later or I am past being tired. I also have Tegretol but thats because I have epilepsy. So, I was thinking that maybe if you adjust the time and take something like codydramol which I take for any break through pains and I am mostly okay. See what your doctor thinks, it may help you.

    Soft hugs

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