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Hi guys and gals, this is my first post here and I do hope you don't mind me asking your advice. I have suffered with fibromyalgia for many years but only recently diagnosed 12 months ago and have been taking amitriptyline since then (with very little side effects apart from night paralysis). Today I was prescribed Neurontin to try and help with the pain, which as I am sure you are all more than aware, is becoming too unbearable lately. I just wondered if any of you take neurontin and if so, would you be kind enough to share with me your experiences of pain effectiveness and side effects (some of which are pretty daunting and scary). Any help at all would be gratefully received. Many thanks and warm gentle hugs to all that need it right now xx

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  • I take Neurontin 100mg 3 times per day. I am Bipolar so I too was afraid of the daunting side effects. My shrink gave it to me for anxiety. She told me the likelihood of side effects was minimal and I think it gives be some hypo-mania, but it's not unmanageable. Sometimes it does seem to increase my insomia though. It kinda sorta works for anxiety, but I am not really aware of much change, so I don't think it's much help there. Maybe on a larger dose it would be.

    Once I was started on it, it did help with the pain. I noticed that right away. My carpal tunnel didn't act up at first though lately it's been awful. My back pain eased a bit, and the spasms in my hips were almost gone. I do still get them there and in my back upon standing up too quickly from sitting.

    I defintely recommend trying it with your doctor's supervision.

    Hugs to you and reduced pain too! Clare

  • Hi peacelilly,

    I had found Neurontin very helpful with pain. I was far too sleepy on any dose which gave adequate pain relief, however. Many people can tolerate Neurontin much better than I was able to tolerate it.

    I hope you find relief without too many side-effects. :)

    Please let us know how you are getting on with pain and Neurontin?


  • I have not tried this myself but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with it.

    Good luck


  • I cant help with your query but would like to say welcome to the forum.


  • Hi, I've been taking neurontin for more than a year now and have found it helpful for pain, I take 300mg three times a day, it doesn't stop the pain but takes the edge off. At first it made me sleepy but that did wear off after a couple of weeks. Good luck with it and I hope it eases your pain. X

  • hi , I have found the only side effect is they can make you feel tired so I take them at night so they help with sleeping.i take them for burning pain and they work wonders for that x

  • I have fibromyalgia since 2004 I don't take any painkillers now I took my specialists advice and joined a gym light gentle excerise is the best thing u can do to hel you, you need to strengthen your muscles yes it will hurt but you need to the right mind set and it will work, u just need the right gym/trainer,

  • Hi

    I take neurontin (I do yoga, Pilates and I swim twice a week but still need it) for pain. However my blood pressure increased a lot and I was experiencing palpitations and breathlessness. Thus I have halved my prescribed dose from 2 to 1 tablet three times per day (should be on 3.6g but take 1.8) with very little increase in pain. This is enough to take the edge off my pain but avoid the worst of the side effects.

    I find Bowen and acupuncture and saunas useful to relax the muscles and the pain.

  • Individual responses vary greatly. Makes me too tired. I cannot stay awake on even a very low dose. Helped the pain but I had no life.

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