Esa back to work interview

Hi I've got back to work interview today because my husband claims esa but he just got awarded pip ,I suffer with fibromyalgia,arthritis,depression,fatigue, headaches,fused left ankle ,the list goes on ,if been awarded high rate dla for both and in a wheelchair.I'm dreading it ,today I'm not very good at all ,been told if I don't go they will stop our money ,what Will I expect when I go ,panic about all this any advice Plz , my last one 5 years ago ,help xxx

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  • Have you thought of claiming care allowance ? It may open the door to increased benefits - get advice

    Good luck

  • I hope that things went well and they are not stopping your money.

    Send me a PM if you wish to talk.

    Hugs sue xx

  • I sincerely hope that everything went well for you today?

    Good luck


  • I am not 100% sure what you are claiming? Is it ESA Support/WRAG or DLA or both/neither?

    I was on ESA support and my wife worked part time and the DWP insisted my wife go for a "back to work interview" even after we called and told them she is working? When we got there and told them she is working part time! They said she should not of been called!

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