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Morning My doctor sent me to see a physiotherapist on Saturday. I was in less than ten minutes, and he said that there was nothing he could do. He was not a very pleasant man, but could not understand why my own doctor has not investigated me further. It seemed that wherever he touched it was tender he said. I did say that I told the doctor about burning pains in the side of my foot, and her reply was I was wearing the incorrect shoes. However, the good thing that came out of it, is that he is going to write to my doctor and suggest myself being referred to the rheumatology department for further tests. At least somebody is taking notice at last. As we all will probably agree this is a lonely situation.

Karen xxxx

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Hi there that's the complicate thing about this illness and that's establishing whether its fibro or a condition sounds like your getting the support you need . Which in the long term will help you know what's the fibro side and what the condition side. For e.g. for me good pain relief for me equates lesser fibro symptoms . Cause my legs and exhaustion stresses me out before I can manage pain or my fibro but at least I know. I really hope your able to establish this for yourself its tiring enough just coping some days but that's where this site helps to illuminate the isolation, as we cant expect our family's to understand something they don't have. Well here wishing you well with kind considerations Liz x


Hi and welcome to the site. You seem to have had a rotten experience but at least the right conclusion. Yes a Rheumatologist is where you need to go. So hopefully it wont take to long to be seen. If Fibro is confirmed they will check you and do blood test to eliminate anything else.

This site is full of fantastic Fibromites who will share their experiences with you.

You can also read up on Fibro go to out mother site there is a lot of information to digest.

Any questions feel free to ask away

x Ginsing



Sometimes something that seems wrong works out for the best - hope the tests help find a solution for you.


It must have seemed dispiriting at the time to be told he could do nothing. My physio came to that conclusion but has referred me for needle acupuncture which I have just started. Sometimes these things happent for a reason and I hope that now you get to see a rheumi quickly and get the correct treatment. x


Hi karran12

I would tend to agree that Rheumatology is probably the best place to go? However, I do think that common politeness and courtesy are an essential part of the job! I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

Good luck



thank you for that. It is nice to have so many caring replies x


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