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My daughter who is 21 has all the symptoms of fibromyalgia and has had the same symptoms since September 2013, she has been rheumatologist who has suggested she may have it ( Nov 14 ) but all the doctor keeps giving her is antidepressants and tramadol but not actually saying she gas it. Now she has been kicked off ESA as they say she's fit for work but sometimes your lucky if she's even out of bed by 3pm. Is there anyone else who had this problem and how long do we have to do this for. Many thanks

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I am sorry to hear of all the problems that you are having. she really could do with a deffinate diagnosis. You could ask for a second opinion from a different Rhumy or perhaps a neurologist. it was a Neurologist who first diagnosed me.

This is the link to our mother site it has lots or information that i hope you will find helpful.

Sorry i couldnt be of more help.


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Hi jackyb

I am so sorry to read that your daughter is experiencing this issues and I genuinely hope that she can find the answers that she is looking for. Sadly, it can take a while to get a Fibro diagnosis as most medical professionals will undertake tests to rule other things out first.

I want to wish her all the best of luck with getting a diagnosis one way or the other.

All my hopes and dreams for both of you


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I have had ME for over a year and have given up on the drs. Everytime I go they say different things. First of all I was depressed and now I have a low iron levels which apparently can make me feel a ( little tired)! what an understatement. I have given them a long list of all my symptoms but it is like banging my head against a brick wall.


Hope it all gets sorted. Certain antidepressants work for fibro such as amitriptyline and cymbalta so check if they are one of that group. I have the same issues and often struggle to get up. I however also have other problems so got PIP and esa after a long wait


You don,t mention what her symptoms are but at 21 years of age your daughter needs to get her life back on track quickly, or it will pass her by. Don,t be put off by her GP, ask him can you see a specialist. He may be a little reluctant at first, but you have every right. Offer to pay if you have to, that will speed up the process by at least 6 months. This is her life we are talking about here.

Anti depressants they dish them out like smarties these days, and unless you yourself know for sure that she is depressed, its the wrong road to take in one so young, and can even make matters worse. If she is in pain all the time and has no energy, to go out to work and join in all the things that other young people do these days, then no wonder she appears to be depressed.

Thyroid problems imitate rhumatics, they certainly did in my case anyway, and lack of energy is also one of the main symptoms, so I would persevere along that route and insist on getting her blood tests done for the Thyroid and don,t take NO for an answer. As a mum myself I know how hopeless you are feeling at this moment and wish you well, both you and your daughter.

If you see a specialist DO TAKE A LIST of all the symptoms she is suffering from, along with you, and give it to him. It will be helpful to him and he will not be in the least offended. Saves a lot of time on both sides, and prevents you forgetting to tell him something important in the heat of the moment. Sure we have all missed out something of importance sometime in our lives, but this really matters to your daughter so no room for error.




Just an update after going to the doctors again yesterday and seeing a different one, I explained all of her problems to him. He has now sent a letter to the rheumatologist askung her if he can put a definite diagnosis of fibromyalgia down. Hopefully then we can start to sort the problems out instead of just being given antidepressants and tramadol for something they won't even say she's got !!! It is a joke really when you've gone this long without some one being able to tell you you have something. I'll let you all know what the outcome is thanks for all of the words of support its nice that some one else is listening.


Hi all,

My daughter has finally been diagnosed as having fibromyalgia I was just wondering if anyone knows if she can now reclaim ESA as she was deemed as OK for work when the original sick note reason was just leg pain? Thanks in advance for any advice.


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