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Hi all, ok here's one for you :-/

I have been on long term sick for coming up to 3yrs. I have seen work Oc. Health Dr's who say I am not ready to return to work as yet and if I am they will put in place any adaptions needed. My GP thinks I'm not ready for work yet.

Yet Jobcentre insists I go to back to work related interviews? If I do not attend these they suspend my money. My going to these interviews effects my fibro and ME.

I love my job I spent a lot of money putting myself through courses to gain as much knowledge as possible.

Why do the JC think they know differently to the Drs?

Stress, stress and more stress


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unbelievably they have targets to reach too and its all about getting people into jobs i.e. any job, very frustrating…


Hi aliboo

I am so sorry to read that you are being put in such an untenable position, and I do not really have any good advice for you I am sorry to say. I want to wish you all the best of luck and I sincerely hope that you find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

Good luck



They did the same to my sister in law. She had had breast cancer.they put her in that group. She already had a job at rhe libarary. She worked there over 15 yrs..not fit for work.....they still made her go interveiws even though her job was waiting for her to go bk..... she came off benifits in the end just to save the job she was going bk to when fit for work.......its all very stupid..if the library knew she was going interveiws she would have been sacked.....


If you have a sick note you do not have to attend interviews. Do not have them longer than 3 months as they will not accept them. If they get you to see their own doctor and he overrides your GP you will have to attend.

BE Well


My understanding is that WRAG is for people, like you, who will be able to return to work but not just yet. The interviews are only a formality and to keep you prepared.


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