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my gp is treating me for fibromyalgia, i had an accident 3 yeaars ago which has left me with chronic back pain and have been prescribed many medications. the past 3 years have been very difficult, then last year my gp diagnosed polymyalgia and treated me for this. i could understand this as the ESR in my blood was raised. I am very aware that this is common in the elderly and i dont fall into that catagory, then i noticed that the CRP wasnt raised and this made me suspicious. it started when I woke up one morning with pain throughout my body, complete muscle spasm, unable to even turn over in bed let alone get out. becasue it was a weekend the gp surgery was closed, i treated it myself with hot water bottles, hot wheat bags and massage by my husband to my limbs. it took 6 hours to get up. I was quite frigtened at the time. Now i get really achy in random places which comes and goes( today its my back and around my pelvis,) i get tired for no reason, i cant think straight and cannot remember anything, even if it was a conversation a couple of hours ago, i am driving myself around the bend. i suffer from the most debilitating migranous headaches with vomiting for 24 -48 hours every 6-8 weeks. to top it all im now having symptoms of the menopause! can anyone tell me if having an accident which causes incredible stress can cause fibromyalgia? Also has anyone any sensible ideas about how i can manage this to minimise the effects?

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Hi jules12

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your pain. Fibro can be brought on by an accident and / or trauma, and I have pasted you a link below to the FibroAction website:

Quote from FibroAction website:

For some people, the onset of Fibro is slow or happens in early childhood, but for many people Fibro is triggered by a known event or series of events, such as an illness or injury.

Link to FibroAction website:

I want to genuinely wish you all the bets of luck with finding the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Morning Jules,

Great to meet you - sorry for the circumstances. It is often following a trauma of some sort that we start showing evidence of Fibro. The reason is not understood the problem is it is so very debilitating.

I hope this will hope a little, as we get used to the all encompassing pain and we do to a certain extent. We learn to manage the pain the drugs and we we period pains and lcome every bit of relief we can get. Sometime it (the pain- what else)will ease and we will have good days brilliant patches and then the sneak returns.

I take it you must be late twenties you haven't said or I missed it. I think the pains from these become less as we progress.

Most pain is managable and this is the big key pacing ourselves learning that however small the achievement whatever the achievement it is good to have done something to break the chains

When I look back over my life I know Fibro started following an accident and on and off I have struggled a long with patches of intense problems and pains.

This site provides somewhere we can chat help each other have a bit of time consuming fun usually being silly - but diverts us from our problems. I have learnt that I can do most things and yes I suffer after but I still do them .

Please join in the chats feel very welcome and ask all your questions hopefully answers are here

Happy Crimbo Julie

x Ginsing



Hi Julie :)

I'd also like to welcome you to our friendly fibro forum and hope you enjoy it here as well as find the support you need :)

Here's a link to help you find your way about here and don't be afraid to ask any Q's as there's always someone around the corner who'll be along to offer friendly help/advice even if it's just hugs for comfort and support :)

FAQ Navigating BETA Community

Soft fleecy fluffie hugs to see you through the festivities :)

xxx sian :)


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