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I am due to see a consultant on Thursday and I want to be able to give him as much info as possible. Has anyone experienced any of the following symptoms, my discomfort started in my feet worked it’s way up my legs and back over my head into my face and is now across my chest. It is painful at times and I get the feeling of extreme tiredness. I have to use a wheelchair if I go out because I feel as if my legs are on fire and can’t stand on them very long. Some days are better than others. All blood tests are normal. Any help anyone can give me would be much appreciated.


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Hello! The first rule is to write everything you want to say or ask down; just getting to the appointment will be draining and you are likely to forget a lot of what you wanted to say. Second rule is to take someone sympathetic with you who can remember what was said to you, and help you understand what that means. They can also advocate for you too.

Lastly write it down while you can remember it. Then when you get the letter about your appointment you can check that what you understand is the same as the Consultant. If you have any problems every hospital has a PALS service who can help.

Now, as to the pain. Whatever you feel is perfectly valid for you. My feet also feel like they are burning, as does the rest of my poor body at the moment, my spine, hips and ribs are the worst . Once my medication kicks in and I get moving that may improve. I have been really much better recently, so I am annoyed at this flare up. I loathe the fatigue that has me in bed by 8pm most days, and earlier than that in a flare. Yesterday was an all day in bed day ☹

Good luck with your Consultant; get everything ready that you want to take with you in advance, then you will have as much energy as possible on the day.

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Thank you so much for your advice, would just like a diagnosis so I can deal with it or whatever it is

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Hi there :) for your owwn privacy and that of other members you may like to lock your posts. If you would like to lock them this link will show you how.

Most members prefer to answer a locked post. By doing so you may get more replies. I hope everything go's well for you at your appointment 🤗



I have fibromyalgia at my legs and buttocks, but when I was super stressed it went for days up at my lower back, right side of back and up to the right side of my head and face. I was in so much discomfort. Massages and dry needling helped a lot for me. You can go to a physiotherapist and ask to do dry needling for you. My physio did dry needling in my buttocks and that not only released the butt muscles but also the legs. I have to do it quite often though because of my anxiety I get stiff legs and buttocks every now and then.

I am sure many replies will tell you to write everything down, print it out if you can and give a copy to the consultant, everything means just that, the pain where it’s stricks, the effects it has on your daily life time lengths it affects you. The more information you have about your condition how it affects you in all asbects in the written, printed format will make your appointment less stressful and allow you to concentrate on the conversations between the consultant and any other health professionals that you have to see on your hospital visit.

Yes to all! Definitely write it down, use bullet points and keep it short and most definitely take someone in with you. I was amazed at the difference in my consultant, who had been rude and dismissive when I was on my own and nice as pie, when my husband came with me!

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