Carbamazapine anyone?

Has anyone taken this drug for pain relief due to Fibro and/or neuropathic pain? After trialling other anti epileptic drugs with no success due to the horrendous side effects, my pain specialist Dr wants me to try this. Apart from the side effects, my concern is interactions with other drugs. It warns about Levothyroxine, Tramadol, Citalopram and HRT all of which I take! (There are other drug interactions as well). Any info great fully received. Thank you xx

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  • Well after lots of conversations with the doctor

    Who really did not want to prescribe them

    They are very addictive, but I had promised that

    You I would only not take more than 3 in two weeks

    Does it work oh yes, it also gives you a wonderful nights

    Sleep, I have kept my promise and don't go over the amount

    As a nurse I know how addictive they are, but for you depends

    On your pain level I only take a very small amount

    It does not matter being addicted to them if it helps, it's

    Better than pain

    Viv xx

  • Thank you very much for your reply which has reassured me greatly. If it helps with sleep that would be wonderful! The doc wants to start me off on a very low dose as I am side effect sensitive and that seems a very sensible thing to do. I agree with your comment about them being addictive. To be honest, I don't care if it gets rid of some of this pain. Thanks again x

  • I also take cymbalta and tramadol with no


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