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Hello - Fibromyalgia/Floride poisoning

Hi I'm new here and un-diagnosed but have had symptoms for at least 15 years now and can not work at the moment because of the fatigue.

I'm so fed up with going to the doctors, probably as much as they are fed up with me lol, that I'm not going to harp on about something that you probably already know about.

I got told I was a hypochondriac once, ironically the Doctors surgery stunk of cigarettes as he was chain smoker!

Has anybody else heard about floride poisoning and what are your thoughts about it?

Thanks for reading.

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Very toxic stuff.

The Irish government are being brought to court at present over continuing foundation of the water supply. Does it have a role to play in fibro,, I do not know, but it is implicated in many conditions, including many cancers and is proven to be neurotoxic in animals. A large part of fibro seems to be the nerves become irritated and very sensitive and I do believe there is much more than the limitations of nociceptor theory involved. In other words I believe something else is at work on the nerves besides our hormones. The standard line and subsequent reason for the mass dosing of fluoride is that it somehow has a protective effect on teeth but when you look at the the evidence their is gaping holes and an utter lack of proof it is at all beneficial,, but still the propaganda is spouted

In Northern Ireland they have attempted several times to fluoridate the water supply but have been defeated by public outcry. At present a (so called) trial is taking place here where the toxin is being added to the water supply of a number of households where people who are ignorant of the facts reside.

If you look at the rates of most types of cancer north and south of the irish border all four types of cancer is much higher in the areas where the water is fluoridated,,, however this has never been studied their fore it is not attributed to fluoride. Interestingly No safety tests have ever been carried out on fluoride.

I however will not even use toothpaste that contains fluoride and if I go to a place where the water is contaminated with the stuff I bring the water I need with me,,, I really feel that strongly about it,, but then again I have read many books on the subject.


I feel the same as RayB about fluoride! Very toxic indeed! I avoid at all costs & have done for many years. It was actually my Mum that taught me about the dangers of fluoride & she's now 69! She has never used toothpaste with fluoride in it & as a result we (my Sister & I) didn't use either. She has always said that there is enough 'natural' fluoride in our tap water & she's right! I must state that our teeth have suffered NO additional tooth decay as a result! Fluoride occurs naturally in water as a mineral deposit BUT the amount is negligible, meaning it's not really enough to cause damage. Although that is dependent on how strongly you feel about ANY fluoride in your water! Some areas of the UK have additional fluoride in their water but the area I live in is not one of them.

I myself refuse to drink tap water - I actually don't like the smell of it! It makes me feel quite sick. I have lots of allergies & I take the 'warning signs' seriously & advise most people not to drink it either! I use bottled water for drinking. I only wish I didn't have to bathe in it either but I have nowhere to store the additional bottled water needed for that!

Whether or not it is a contributory factor to Fibro sufferers is difficult to say, as not a lot of research has been done. As someone who suffers from Fibro myself & considering my allergy problems, I avoid fluoride at all costs. I think it aggravates any 'inflammatory' condition.. not a medical diagnosis, just my opinion based on my own health problems & research I've done.

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Iv been in cornwall last month when I came home for the next few days I had bad head felt sick really bad tummy pains and so tired I slept for two days nearly so it makes me think something is different now I feel as if Iv been hit by a car


Hi guys, please check this web site and read the articles published by J Laylander a student at the University of Mexico. Certain Antibiotics containing flouride are suppose to trigger fibromyalgia. There is also links to Gulf war syndrome.

Top dentists say that fluoride added to the water actually causes fluorosis.

This neurotoxic substance builds up in our bodies and causes it to malfunction with many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The real reason why they put sodium flouride in our water remains a mystery. It was used in the concentration camps to make the prisoners docile apparently.

The truth is it is a waste product of the fertilizer industry and is one of the most toxic chemicals known to man, it does not help with tooth decay.

For me I have just started my detox but I recommend everyone giving it a go along with Boron supplements.

Unfortunately there is a percentage of the population that is sensitive to this and I strongly believe that flouride poisoning is responsible for my symptoms.

Something is causing this nightmare and as the Doctors don't really recognize it it suggest to me that they are covering it up otherwise it would be addressed. I know that some doctors do but the area is so vague that there needs to be some closure.

Anyway this is just the tip of the iceberg and I welcome everyone to investigate it and lets share our findings and see what we can come up with, for it is us that is effected we are the Guinea Pigs after all.



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