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I have just read a article saying that all vitamins are synthetic and do us no good whatsoever, in fact some are made from coal tar.

To get pure vitamins puts up the price considerably and the British Manufacturers seem to go down the synthetic route.

When you look on the web for information about Fibromyalgia the American ones are full of information, but when you put /UK sites up the information is very sparse, is this because UK Doctors view it differently?,

Wish they would find out what really causes it and find ways of treating the awful pain it causes..

Fed up of suffering from a invisible illness.

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Hi Fluffymare

I am so sorry but I do not know the answer to your question, but it is well worth researching something like this to be sure? I would have thought however that all vitamin supplements are man made as vitamins in food have such a short shelf life? So if this is the case then they will all be artificial?

Take care

Ken x


Hi Ken,

The vitamin business is so big, and if course people do not want to pay a lot for them,, I doubt whether many people even read the labels or understand them.

The article I read certainly opened my eyes as to what they are made from. And I will look further into it.

All the vitamins we need should come from our diet, but this is not always possible, and would want to supplement with something that was going to do us good

Best Wishes.



Hello Fluffymare,

I have recently been taken Organic Vitamins like algae called Spirulina & Chorella plus there's many other varieties. I mention it more on the post below;


If you want the name of supplier do private message me

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hi Fluffymare. I am not sure about the synthetic vitamins but i used to be very anemic and was told that pills didn't provide enough iron for me. I went to my local health food shop and was told that I should use spatone it is a natural mineral water fortified with iron from Snowdon i have been using it for years and am no longer aneamic. I use 1 sachet a day which i put in a glass of juice.


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