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Severe spasms in feet, cold feet are always the 1st sign of winter for me. I have my warm winter slippers in ready and waiting. Feet still too swollen. They are supposed to be for problem feet, had to have them cut on top. Soft and cosy!

I live in a much-loved local council bungalow. Later this month they are installing gas with gas central heating. I am really looking forward to escaping the economy 7. I have to move out for a little while, and will be going to an assisted living place not far away. I am so grateful for everything, but anxiety levels and weeping episodes are getting worse again. I'm so weary. I am very lucky. Just cant cope with any changes, adds pressure. It will def. be worth it. Stupid to react like this. I just wish somebody could click their fingers and hey presto!!

1 day at a time. Again. Wish everyone a good night. Tulip xx

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Oh sweety I am sorry. I hope the heating gets installed soon and you are back in your cozy home. I like things to stay in their right places so I can find them, so I don't go bump in the night, an so on. And I love my own place and feel safe here.

Put on those comfy slippers, a nice warm robe, grab yourself a hot water bottle or heating pad, maybe a cup of hot cocoa, and listen to some music. Pamper yourself while you're away. Maybe you can think of it as a vacation? OK, well probably not! I can't resist saying: Click your heels together and say, 'there's no place like home.' Hope you get their soon.


it doesn't take much to set off stress alarm, then the knock on effect is obvious. I will come out the other end, back to 'normal' whatever that is! Tulip xx


Hi tulips123

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling anxious in this way, and I can genuinely understand where you are coming from. When we have very little energy everything becomes such a big issue and then the anxiety levels rise.

Hopefully it will all be done and dusted before you know it, and you will be back in your bungalow with new central heating. I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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thank you Ken, your kindness is always much appreciated Tulip xx


Hi Tulips, I had this done last year, best thing ever. I know have hot water for much needed bath whenever i need it, much warmer, cosier flat and too top it off my bills are cheaper ! You are probably better off out the way while it is being done, i had no choice and trying to cope with the noise was horrendous, the drilling would set off migraines, and there would be people in every room doing something so nowhere to escape. They would come im at7.30 every day and say why dont you go out for theday, but i could omly manage to stay out for a couple of hours on a good day. So glad it was done though, all the best tulip,


I'm def. looking forward to the end product. I'm fortunate in that the council have to re-house me, I use an oxygen concentrator which in no way could function under normal circumstances of decorating but they recently told me that a test they did April 2013 revealed asbestos. They said as long you don't disturb it, it's harmless. I don't know exactly where I'm going. I love my home, it is set up perfectly just for me! I don't manage well when things change. Especially when I don't know exactly what is happening. I'm a control freak I think. My neighbour is not going to be very happy if they start banging about 7.30am either! She also has fibro, and she is extremely sensitive to noise, that early on in the day is likely to tip her over the edge. When I get an exact date I will warn her of what is to come, and then run for cover lol! I hope you are sleeping soundly. Tulip


Tulips,, sorry to hear you will have to move out of your we house until the new heating goes in,,, but it's better than sitting there with them working around you. I had gas heating put in a few years ago. It was put in during a cold windy period in Jan and there was a ice gale blowing through the house, it was awful. I stayed in bed trying to keep warm as I am unable to tolerate the cold. The banging, drilling, whistling and humming of all the strange men was difficult to tolerate,, your better out for the few days. The good thing was that after they went, besides the new radiators and boiler you would not have known they were there. It will be worth it in the end, try and see the few days as a we break.

Best Wishes, Ray


Sounds tough. Looks like I am pretty lucky to be out of the way. It will be nice when it's done. Hope you're fast asleep Tulip xx


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