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Hi all,It was my birthday on Saturday and I went on to face book (which I don't really use - just check what my 5 children have to say!).

Anyway I asked everyone, instead of sending me a card to display the Fibro awareness week picture. So far 14 people (with far more 'friends' than me) have informed me that they have shared it. They in turn have asked their friends to share it. If we all did that just how far could it spread!

Another thing - more people than usual remembered my birthday!

Hope everyone is keeping as well as they can be, hope all you mums out there didn't suffer too much getting kids back to school. I know most went back last week but today was our first - we did good!

Love to all Tina

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Hello TIDDLYF & all !!

WOW!! what a great job you've done on Facebook with your friends and then their friends sharing and adding our cover pictures for Fibro Awareness Week 6th-14th September!!!

You can add a cover to your profile picture here in HU too if you like? Here's the link for anyone that wants to show support this week!

Also please don't forget the Thunderclap campaign that goes with these covers 'Can you picture this?' asking others to understand all the symptoms that we live with every single day!

Let's paint a picture of Fibro to others, please support with Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr;

We have 31 supporters & need 69 more before the 14th September to spread this message

Thank You for supporting FibroAction in advance

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Great job! And belated Happy Birthday!




Belated Happy Birthday and well donex



I have just re read the post, you know earlier I missed it was your birthday! Fibro for you I suppose.

Hope you had a lovely birthday :)

Emma :)


Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Tina! :) :) :)


A belated birthday wish just for you! Happy birthday! And what an incredible achievement on Facebook!

Well done

Ken x


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