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Has anyone had to have a psychiatrist report done for a personal injury claim

Hi Everyone

I had an accident 6 years ago where the other party have eventually accepted responsibility. I can not go in to more detail due to legal reasons but if you knew the facts you would class it as criminally negligence. I developed Fibromayalgia due to the an Orthopeadic injury I sustained, which was untreated for several years. Anyway I have had umpteen medical reports done but now the defendants are insisting I have to go for a psychiatrist report. I am absolutely dreading this because I had an unlawful section that a Mental Health Tribunal overturned many years ago . I did not have a mental health illness it was an untreated blood pressure problem which by the way can cause psychosis if not treated. Anyway due to my awful experience with Pyschiatrists I did not want to go to this meeting . I am wondering if anyone on here has had to have one of these reports done and what to expect? I really really do not want to go and I I am getting myself stressed out because of it. I have won the liability issue of my case but the quantum and causation has to be settled. The other side are trying everything possible to devalue my case including surveillance.

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Hi Fantastic

I am so sorry to read that you are enduring such stress due to an incident whereby you are the innocent party. I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

Unfortunately there are many kinds of psychiatric reports, as it all depends on what the situation and facts are relating to the issues in question. An example of this could be a psychiatric report of a suspected murderer would be completely different to a psychiatric report of a victim of abuse.

So, what I have done is pasted you a link to the NHS Priory reports page. This will give you examples of what is what, and how they assess and what they are looking for. I genuinely hope that you find this useful:

What I would like to emphasise to you is that any psychiatrist or psychologist undertaking such a report would be completely impartial and not have any resemblance to your previous experiences in this field of medicine. The person undertaking the testing and report would not be working for the defense as the reports are completely neutral and impartial of any and all outside interference. So, just be yourself and go through the motions as you would on any other day?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your claim and your case.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Thank you so much Ken. I think they are looking for "Malingering " because I have Fibro but this is ridiculous as I underwent coccyx removal surgery at the end of last year due to an undiagnosed fracture dislocation for 5 years . No wonder I went on to develop FIBRO. Unfortunately I am being made to go to two psych specialist. 1 for the defence and 1 for my solicitors. I am not impressed. I wouldn't reccommend anyone going through with a personal injury claim. Mine has been 6 years of stress and being made to feel like a criminal. Definately

not personally worth it but I am fighting for the safety of others. 7 other victims I know of.

I am hoping that this company can be exposed when i am through with this.

Thanks Ken for the link.


Well, they will probably be looking for different answers to the same questions, good luck. Just remember do not give them any ammunition? Stay calm and polite with both and do not leave yourself open!

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck



I was seeing a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and CPN. The Phycologist was a complete nightmare, as she stated she would not provide supporting evidence but stated if I saw her privately .i.e not the NHS route and paid her £200 she would provide a report. My Psychiatrist, who I saw on the NHS was appalled at this statement. So much she raised such a fuss, however the tables turned on her to be the bad guy, so she left the NHS however she wrote a strongly worded letter to her MP, the DoH, and Mental Health Charities. Needless to say my Psychologist still has her fat cat job, and the poor Physiatrist hounded out for doing the right thing.


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