finished picture

finished picture

got back from the shop yesterday -asked him just to make the mount fro it btu he put it in the frame too,angry when I got home cos whereas I would attach the tapestry to self adhesive board he ha d stapled it to the board with its protective sheet on used double sided tape to stick the tapestry to the mount,

sticking it to self adhesive board prevents movement.where he had stapled it it was not flat so carefully took it apart and stuck it to the adhesive board

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  • Whats wrong with double sided tape. :P All my x stitches and embroiderys are held in place with double sided tape. in pound shop or second hand shop frames.

    Mind you Id be peed off if I had payed to have it done and they had used my method :(

    Hugs sue, it looks great

  • nothing .I used to use double sided tape to fasten fabric to a backing board until i discovered self adhesive boards.the tape was used to stick the picture to the mount which is totally unnecessary .

  • do oyu not use self adhesive boards?i also look around fro cheap frames.ipaid £1.49 for this one-when retail fro £7 upwards in stores.what is your favourite subject to stitch?do you design your own or use kits?

    next project is a football themed one for her brother .any ideas anyone?he is Newcastle united and football mad.

  • Over the years I have done everything from samplers to large KIts flowers to cars. I have the RSN program that converts pictures into patterns. I havnt used it very often though.

    To get a football pattern. Type in `pinterest football cross stitch patterns`

    I have just had a look and there is quite a selection.

    sue xx

  • Forgot to say that I am doing David Tennant and the Tardis,

    I have just found that if you replace the word football with soccer you get less American football patterns.

  • Hi Sue.thanks for that,will try soccer and see what comes up.interesting that as don't americans call football- soccer and football to them is American football.are you a dr who fan or is it for someone you problem with stitching dark colours (two strands)is some of the fabric shows through-do you find this?i guess could use three strands if dark colour?the program I have is a fairly old one-easy cross and have just upgraded it.-so just getting used to the new program..

  • My son bought it for me and when you have 6 or 7 different shades of dark blue per inch added to fibro fog keeping track is a nightmare.

  • I know .I once stitched a picture of my brothers house and that must have had about 50 shades of do you stitch?if not too many colours I stitch in one colour doing half crosses from the chart and then go back and do the other half crosses.thats what I did with "kelis'" sampler.(for stage and curtains anyway)

  • just tried to post the pic from kelis' sampler earlier. apologies anbuma, it won't let me. can you go back and add your pic back in please?

    I've helped others turn pics round, but it won't post yours :(.

  • ok thanks fro trying btu ive uploaded the framed version

  • Hi anbuma

    I know you said that you were angry about it, but I think it looks really good! Did you make the tapestry yourself? If so, well done, you have made a wonderful job of it!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • thank you ken.,this is after I got it back and removed the staples and tape as it was not stretched (the fabric).I did stitch it myself and uploaded a pic of theatre curtains onto a cross sttich program that transfers it into chart form.the stage was an after thought.

  • I think you've done really well anbuma and I wouldn't bother being cross, that is unless what has been done detracts from the overall picture - to me it looks just fine, but it's got to be right for you as you've spent so much time and trouble doing it ! It is naughty when someone doesn't do what you've asked for and does it their own way, like you, I know how very frustrating that can be, but as it said, I think it's absolutely great and I love the way you've split the "hello" :-)

    Happy Wednesday :-)

    Foggy x

  • hi foggy when it comes to a gift for someone it has to be perfect.i once stitched an engagement sampler for friends and altho it was on self adhesive board it had "bubbled "they said it was ok and I insisted it wasn't and took it back to rectify.just started re doing one I sent to my niece in usa fro her engagement and she never received it.only got compensated for the cost of the mount and fabric +postage costs as didnt have receipt for threads and backing board as I had already got them .so gutted .in the meantime she has a copy of it and had framed that until I finish this one

  • hi I replied tokens post this was after I removed the staples and tape and stuck it to the self adhesive board which keeps it taut.


    I know it doesn't show clearly but I assume you are talking about the top word.(its the girls name(kelis)).I wanted to do it in red white and blue btu couldn't use white on white so used cream instead btu it still doesnt stand out enough,she palyed a cheerleader in the local youth theatre group peformance of HIgh School Musical hence the red white and blue.maybe I should have just doen the letteringin red and blue?

  • I suppose that it is too late to take it back out of the frame and back stitch the edges of the cream in blue, red or even drk grey. ?

    sue xx

  • hello sue

    I thought about doing that but then thought I would have to back stitch all the lettering.ive given it to her now and she said today she absolutely loves it.will bear that in mind for any future projects.

  • It took me a while to work out what it said, until I read your reply to Foggy, looked at the picture again and could actually see the cream stitching. It is a brilliant job, well done!

    I made a wall hanger when my daughter was born, it had her name, date of birth, nappy pins, ducks and wooden blocks sewn in. My daughter still has it and she is now 23 :) the nappy pins were done in a pale grey, 1 with a blue end and the other with pink, and against the tapestry depending on the light, they don't always stand out :)

    Mine came in a kit, so it is even more amazing that you transferred yours yourself :)

  • I use dto stitch birth and wedding samplers fro work colleagues etc,and various kits btu dont buy kits now as very expensive.and don't have the time or capacity to do them.

  • my favourite "birth sampler "pic was of a carousel horse .simple but lovely for girls.(could be adapted to boys one if changed colours) and a beatrix potter character themed one.must have every available book.i thought I was going to have to get rid of them all as couldnt do it anymore-lack of concentration-not beign able to follow charts etc and cos hands were bad.providing I only do fairly small,less complicated ones I am ok doing a little bit each night.

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