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Failed appeal against 2nd warning letter

Well the meeting went quite smoothly and my Union rep was very complimentary about my delivery of my point. Even the chair, head of school, said I was obviously very passionate about my job. However I lost the appeal.

Feeling rather glum about it right now, had a few wobbles, but I have no choice but to keep fighting. If they want me in 100% in the next 365 days, that's what they'll get even if I have to drag myself in. I'm hoping to puke over one of them but doubt I will get that chance. Actually no, I would be mortified and wouldn't dare go again!

My dad says contact Acas but what could they do? Citizens Advice Bureau? I don't know.

Job hunting at the moment. I have an appointment at Occupational Health early July. When it comes to it, should I reduce my hours? Take Medical Retirement? How does that affect my benefit position? All things to be considered.

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Go for ACAS. It may not help but it also won't hurt. Also CAB. I think I have another number for our area that might help but need to find it. I'll PM if I locate it.




I PMed the number to you. It's the second message as I left out a 5 in the number. Sorry, brain and hands not working together.


Hi Sarah-Jane

I am so sorry to read that you lost your appeal, and I genuinely want to wish you all the best of luck. I would also say ACAS, as hopefully they can arbitrate and buy you some time? Even job hunting may not help you if you have a dismissal on your CV?

With some luck, ACAS can have a meeting with Occupational Health and find a compromise?

Good luck

Ken x


ACAS can be very good.


ACAS are the way forward


I spoke to them and they offered advise and would of bought a case against my employer if the issued warning.


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