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Hi everyone after being a backroom sitter, ie watching the daily posts etc I am taking the plunge and effort tot introduce myself. I got diagnosed with Firbromyalgia 8 months ago and already suffer 3 prolapsed discs, spinal stenosis of the neck myelopathy nerve damage and osteoarthritis plus sciatica.

I am finding it harder as each day approaches, trying to be as they say "normal and independent" but sadly as we all know those days are now far n between. My medication consists of gabapentin amiltriptolene, diazapan and sleeping pills.

I am also in the waiting process of the Capita assessment after sending my forms February, but due to ATOS disappearance its now being done by Capita and hence a backlog.

I know my disability allowance is due to run out mid June so will they continue to pay until assessment or will it stop, like so many I am worried sick.

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Hi inkemup

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum, and I genuinely hope that you find it as useful as I do? I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FibroAction, it holds a great deal of Fibro information, so I hope that you really find it useful:

On to your question! As far as I am aware, payments of DLA do not stop if you have not been changed over in time. They will send you a letter closer to the time that your claim expires giving you a deadline to ring them and start a claim for PIP. They will send you the claim pack and you will be given a date whereby they must receive the completed forms. If you do this then they will not stop your DLA.

I have pasted you a couple of GOV.UK links about this below:

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your PIP claim, and I genuinely hope that you get all the medical help and assistance that you need with your Fibro.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi ken thank-you for the link already been on and found some useful information and tips. In regards to my DLA I have submitted my PIP forms which have been now sent to Capita and did receive letter stating it is their hands but that is as far as I got. Not sure whether they are sending me to assessment or home visit or going on by my evidence, much is still a mystery lol.

Thank you for the warm welcome x


Hi welcome, I applied for PIP through Capita and found the staff a lot friendlier and more helpful than atos. when they contact you ask for a home visit apparently most of Capita`s medicals take place at home. I didn`t ask for one the first time because I thought that it would be the same as with Atos and would need to be carried in on a stretcher before getting a home visit

The first medical was called off when the stress got too much for me and my bp went through the roof.

I was told then to phone for a home visit. there was a right muddle with appointment dates getting mixed up But eventually had a visit from a lady who also has fibro. She made sure that EVERYTHING was written down.

I still haven`t got a result yet. but if you are in the B`ham area I hope you get the same lady, Her name is Sue

Hugs Sue. XX ps It wasn`t me I didn`t do my own medical, :P


Thanks May and yes I am also in the Birmingham area B44 district .


Hi sweetheart, so sorry to hear of your problems. If you could go to a pain clinic it helps a lot. As for the disability all you can do is wait. I think a lot of it rest's on what your doctor's think about your condition. I was blessed with a wonderfully understanding doctor. Hope this helps as the stress makes all of our symptoms worse. xxx Mitzi


Hi mitziblue, my doctor is very understanding and over years have had endless pain management for my spine and neck . I am just taking things day by day at the moment.


Well I'm so glad you have a good and understanding doctor. That is a major hurdle to find that with this disease. I hope you find some relief soon. xxx Mitzi


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