Hi All

I have just noticed a recommend box under the posts (I know I am not observant) but I really have only noticed them, I have ticked a couple I have liked but I have no idea what the recommending means, will the person with the most recommendations get blown up for being to popular or get a gold medal (Virtual) or is it just for the behind the scenes 'For Office Use Only' type thing?

Take care all and kindest regards


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  • When I put this post on it had a tag of 'Behind' on it, not sure that is the subject I was intending, oh well.


  • if you edit it, click the red cross and it will delete it.

  • Hi tettridge

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I do not really know to be honest! I have never recommended a post. I can have a guess and maybe somebody can tell me if I am wrong? But maybe if you were to enter the search box in the top right hand corner and ask about post subjects it would take you to one? Or that when you see other posts advertised around the page, it may well be a recommended one?

    I will have to try and find out for sure, if I do, I will let you know!

    Take care


  • I think it is similar to the like button on fb.

  • Ooh! Never thought of that?

  • Don't put up a post about bourbons. Ken will drown us in recommend

    D'oh, What have I done :P

  • afternoon Badger how are you today drowning in bourbons?

  • Hehehe. Just dropped in to stir it a bit then out to work.

    We're having Chicken Tarka Masala tonight.

    Like the other one but 'otter.

    How's you flower?

  • Were smiling throughj! Caulicheese tonight yummy!

  • In my dreams!

  • More Bourbons? Yippee!

  • The impression I have is that it is to recommend to other peeps that it is worth reading.As sandra says A sort of like button.

    Hugs to all Sue.

  • Hmph, wont let me recommend my own :(

  • your own what badger?

  • hehehehehe! x

  • There you go badger, I have recommended you. Hope that brings a smile to your furry face, Julie. :-P

  • Hehehe Thank you Smoochie badger kisses :P

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