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I gave up on my GTech battery-operated sweeper or rather it gave up on me. Just thought I'd go back to my old Panasonic cylinder hoover but that's also given up on me and anyway it's too heavy. I'm looking for an very lightweight cylindrical model where you can preferably detach the snake. I've heard Miele is a good make. Can anyone recommend a good suitable model? Thanks :-)

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  • Hi,

    I have a Meile Cat and Dog. So does every member of the family now come to think of it...! It's not a cylinder, it's a compact type with a long snake on a detachable long sturdy stick with different nozzle attachments. It's very lightweight so perfect for my Fibro as I can carry it around and it's absolutely brilliant. As I say, not a cylinder but best Hoover ever in my opinion, and we've tried dysons and many others etc next to it. Cat and Dog extra special as has a super strength nozzle for fur which I'm sure is magic xx

  • Many thanks Lipbalm! Much appreciated. I have plenty of my own hair which sheds all over the place. I will have a look at these models online. I didn't particularly want to go back to the cylinder but after disasters with battery-charged uprights and find nothing else suitable on the market I need to do something. Thanks again! xx

  • Well a Miele is perfect for the human shedder too! I leave tumbleweed-like balls of my own hair around the house which the cat and dog attachment makes quick work off. I've always had upright hovers before I tried this, and now I'll never go back because they are so much less cumbersome! Xx

  • Ah thanks! Yep, I'm a long-haired human shedder! xx

  • My Mother in-law used to use a Miele upstairs and a heavy Kirby downstairs, but I bought a mini Dyson ball upright. It's brilliant. I can use it and she found the suction so good that she's been out and bought one as well. I leave long hair all over the place (the other half often comments) and my Mum in-law has a cat but now - problem solved

  • Thanks for that, foggyness. Yes, I have seen those Dyson balls but I got scared because they looked so alien to me, lol, and so many models to choose from! I think I did look at some Dyson's a while back but now I'll have another look. Thanks :-)

  • I have a Dyson cordless upright vacuum cleaner. It's the best thing I've ever bought. I can't use a big, heavy vacuum and this one is so light, great suction and so easy to empty! Just flick a switch and that's it!! I can even manage to do my stairs....some days!! After seeing mine 4 other members of my family bought one too! Good luck!! XX

  • Ah thanks Sue! Plenty of choice now. :-) xx

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