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Neorologist !

Went back to the gp today and my balance is still all over the place , coordination not good,i still feel disorientated and have jerks every now and then .

He is referring me to a neoro as hhe thinks something is making my nervous system not work properly.

I feel a bit scared not knowing whats going on with my body and don't know how long it will take for me to find out :(

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Hi Larissa,

I hope you are as well as you can be. I know it is easier said than done but please try not to worry. At least your GP has referred you so you are going to the right place to find out what's going on. If there is anything wrong you will know what the problem is and get the right treatment ASAP. Your GP could just be being over cautious.

I hope you get your appointment ASAP and that everything is ok!

Sending you gentle hugs


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Hi Larissa, try not to worry, fingers crossed that it will be just some thing simple, I have to see a nuerologist on the 14th ,...... do let us know how you get on, please try not to worry it will bring on a flare and you can do without that....gentle hugs and a huge handful of sunshine coming your way....Dee xx :)


Hi Larissa

I am so sorry to read that things are still not okay for you, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief as soon as possible.

At least you are going to see a neurologist and that is the main thing, so fingers crossed for you. Please let us all know how you get on?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi larissa,

As the others have said, a neurologist will rule out various things including MS. My fibro gives me bad balance and my eye/hand co-ordination was appalling when I was first diagnosed. I thought I was getting Alzheimers or something. In order to help co-ordination and concentration they sent me off to craft twice a week. This took my mind off things, got me socialising and as you are concentrating on making/painting/creating things this really helped eye/hand co-ordination. It didn't matter how long it took or even what it looked like, it taught me self respect and gently bought my eye/hand co-ordination back into normal realms. Not saying its great, but its more acceptable! Funnily I found I was quite good at crafting and over the years have tried many things, I do still spasm and badly, and when you've a lap full of beads which go over the floor cos of a spasm, its taught me patience and perserverance to pick the lot up! But its taught me that I'm creative and when others praise what I've done thats the biggest boost you can get. I have many crafts on the go as the old brain can only do one thing at at time for short periods, plus changing hand and brain actions stops strains. So I pick up and put down and move onto the next one.

I hope you get some answers from the neurologist, they are usually quite helpful in respect of fibro, but if they can't at least they have ruled out various things and you and your gp can move onto the next diagnosis.

Sending you love and hugs and a smile for every day.

Lynn xx



I hope it all goes well and they work out what the problem is. just out of curiousity do you take tramadol? I had balance and coordination problems when I started taking it that lasted for a couple of months after I stopped. I assumed it was just my weirdo body as no one else seemed to complain about it.

good luck!


I had the same problem , and my c section collapsed in my neck , my C5 and C6 are fused , fingers crossed its not serious , let us know the outcome .


Hiya Larissa,

I have experienced the same thing, as well as severe weakness in my limbs. After already being diagnosed with fibro by Rheumatology I was sent to a Neurologist. I saw a registrar who concluded that I did not have a nerve problem - he didn't listen either! He booked me in for a MRI of brain and spine (the first scan I have ever had). The Neurologist then concluded that I had 'Functional Weakness.' He said that - like fibro - it's something that may get better. He sent me to a department called Liason Psychiatry. I had to listen to a doctor giving her opinion on the cause of my severe pain and other symptoms - she made out like she thought I was making it up. I also went to see a physiotherapist, she just sat most of the time talking to me about pain management and getting on with life. After 6 sessions I told her I was doing more walking and I was swimming she said she didn't need to see me any more. Now my symptoms are worse than ever, I am waiting to see the Neurologist again right now. I'm off work and it looks like I won't be going back. I need proper answers in writing and a prognosis. I will need to apply for ESA soon enough.

I hope you don't wait too long to see someone:-) Gentle hugs, Mike. x


Thankyou everyone but I have so many things racing around in my head , Tumour or some awful disease that will take away my life . I don't know how I am gonna cope while I am waiting . I wish I knew how to not worry but I don't and just want to cry and unbelievably today, I can walk one foot infront of the other ? sorry but wish I wasn't like this ,its like being in hell x


I can empathise with your worry. After symptoms of pain and pins and needles in my feet, legs and hands along with poor balance I was sent to a neuro and had a brain and full spinal MRI. It ruled out my immediate worries of a tumour or MS. I was eventually diagnosed with small fibre neuropathy. My experience is not intended to minimise your worry or your health conditions, but just to say I understand a little. The waiting is the worst bit of all, I

know only too well. I hope you can feel a bit better soon. Big hug coming your way xx


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