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Did you wake up with pain etc or does it get worse over time ?

I was wondering if the pain is expected to get worse over time ? I've had strange pain in joints for years and as some of you may know diagnosed last year. My pain is now definitely a daily thing in the different joints. But I'm lucky I feel as the pain isn't constant. I don't take any thing for pain I only use heat pads and hot water bottle sometimes.

So is this just going to get worse ??

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sorry but maybe, mine did, i had pain for years in my back & right leg but still managed to work & bring up a family,i was running around all day,then about say 10yrs ago i began to feel fatigued & found i had to have a nap before work & couldn't manage a whole day or 2 days off the trot..i only worked part time 4 eves a week & it used to shatter me,then i was forced to give up work thrua different illness 4 yrs ago since that day i have pain 24/7, its not only in the joints but also muscles, it's stiffness , burning & a heavy ache,it sounds like you're in early stages. you were diagnosed early which is good. there are so many different symptoms. if you click on the butterfly on the top right hand side you will find loads & loads of information & there are lots of people here to help & to talk to about butterfly :) x


Hello there sorry but I dont think that there is an ansere to your question. Fibro affects every one differently for some it hit hard almost immediatly others like myself live with it for years. with other seemingly unrelated illnesses cropping up now and then. I even spent weeks in hospital suffering from a major flair brought on by a virus. It was put down to a mistery virus though no virus could be found by the time I was addmitted. It finaly flaired up and stayed up 3yrs ago after unknowingly suffering from it for 25yrs With fatigue joining in last year.I consider myself very lucky to have had all that time living a normal life.So you see you may be one of the lucky ones and you need to hold on to that thought. and try not to dwell on the future But remember to treat yourself kindly and not push yourself too far. wishing you all the best sue


Hi salsajan

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today?

I am sorry but your question is very difficult to answer as we are all unique individuals and we all react differently not just to our Fibro but also to our medications.

If I were you I would go to see my GP if my pain was either getting greater in severity or prolonging in its length of stay.

I really hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issues as soon as possible.



In my experience I had good days and bad. Nights were definitely the worse for me. Not always but I have been known to getup because I just could not get comfortable and go and sit down stairs until I dropped off. Do go back to your doctors however and get another blood test done, you may find your dosage needs upping a bit. I do get the odd twinges in my joints still but nothing like the pain i was in before I started medication.


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