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Never give up

After my tribunal on the 9th of January, I received a letter from the tribunal service saying that, although I failed to satisfy the descriptors for the support group, I may qualify under "regulation 35"; therefore they had decided to adjourned the tribunal to a later date and inform the DWP of the reason for the adjournment. This morning I received a brown envelope from the DWP; I always find this a bit worrying but when I opened it I got a very nice surprise. It said "Your appeal will not be referred to the independent tribunal as the decision has been changed in your favour." I'd won!

This may help some of you with your appeals.

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Wow, wow, wow, :D I'm so pleased for you :D I know the feeling of dread when a brown envelope lands on the doormat, but on this occasion it is great, it must be such a huge relief for you, now you can relax as it were :-)

Foggy x


Thank you for these letters il give it a try x


Hi Boromoor

That is fantastic news, congratulations and well done!

Take care

Ken x


Fantastic news! What a relief!!


Excellent news but the next time u get the dreaded esa50 form search the points criteria online and fill it in accordingly meaning u possibly won't be called up at atos I have fibromyalgia and through fatigue will forget I left the cooker etc on u then meet the criteria and won't be called up it the first place. Good luck


Excellent. My sister won hers on Reg 35 which for anyone not in the know says that if you don't score enough on any of the descriptors to get you into the Support Group (and these are very tough, the raised the bar so much) you can get into the SG if you satisfy any of the conditions of reg 35 which include - if it will prove detrimental to your physical or mental health if you're not put into the SG.


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