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Fatty Liver Recovery


Through an ultra sound 2.5 years ago I was told my liver is quite fatty ... Ultra sound for something else, and until then I did not suspect I had a fatty liver. Subsequently, i done liver tests which showed elevated ALT, AST and Ferritin levels, which are all symptoms of fatty liver. I have done and changed many things, but results have been pretty much the same until 3 months ago when I had enough and decided to cure my liver once and for all. The result was loosing 5 KG (almost a stone) in 2 and a half months period. Blood results showed normal ALT and AST levels, however my ferriting is still high (660). My question is, does it mean that if ALT and AST are normal, my liver is recovered, and if so why my ferritin is still high? I am guessing 2 months is not enough for the liver to recover fully?

thank you in advance.

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Hi I don't know the answers to your question or anything about ferriting levels but I think you are amazing to have taken control and lost so much weight. Well done!!


Hi there.

I am just like flossy1 as I know nothing on this subject but well done to you for all your hard work! There was a programme on Channel 4 last week about dieting, and in this the doctor had an excessively swollen liver of a man who had too much fructose in his diet. Apparently fructose is really bad for your liver if its in huge quantities. I don't know if this addresses or helps your problem?

Take care

Ken x


flossy1/Ken, thank you for the replies guys!

Indeed, I came to the conclusion fructose is one of the main reasons indeed! Turns out fruits are really harming the liver, as the sugar does not get absorbed properly by the body cells, and then it turns into fat which gets stored in the liver. On top of that carbs are really bad too, as they are kind of sugar too (bred, pasta, potatoes). Have been trying to balance my insulin levels by avoiding fruits and carbs and that has helped a lot. I have been eating 2x apples a week, but they have to be mixed with other foods (main meal) to avoid insulin spike. I also avoided completely dairy products, as they spike insulin levels too, which prevents the liver to clear itself. Skimmed products are worse than full fat milk.

This Channel 4 program sounds really interesting, will try to find on internet.

I booked myself to do a blood donation today, which apparently is good for the body in general. Helps the liver to get rid of any excessive iron, which in conditions like fatty liver should help. The less iron the better the liver functions, unless the body is short of iron already and without the danger of going down to Anemia iron levels that many vegetarians struggle with ...

Will keep you guys updated, thinking of doing another blood test in 6 weeks time to see if there is any improvement with the ferritin levels.

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Hi there. Thanks for that. Would love to know how it all goes for you. I am exceedingly interested to hear about your blood donations. Take care. Ken x


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