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I can see clearly

Bit of this

After weeks of truly gruelling away. I wake up to no pain. I lay feeling a sense of wonder. It must have been an infusion of the grandchildren yesterday.

Black cat and I bask in each others warmth. I idle for another hour not believing my luck.

Now can I train the brain to turn off the pain signals, If I don't give it any thing to fire off, perhaps it will stay asleep.

Can I heck.

After breakfast and a fix of book. Whippet and I wrap up in matching maroon outfits, for our walk. The sun shines. We meet a couple of people to shoot the breeze with. Although whippet finds this a bit much standing quietly with his teeth chattering. Meanwhile the pain levels are also quietly creeping up.

But even so I am only cooking at gas mark 2. I completely forget that I vowed to with hold stimulants from the sodding shoulder. And get caught up in the sunshine, as the garden beckons.

I tootle about snipping a monster of a teasel calling in man with a spade to dig it up.

After cake and rich strong coffee I am ready to role again. The kitchen walls get a lick and a promise. Reduced pain has allowed me to see more clearly. You should see the cobwebs. But more breath taking of all. I rediscover bits me as the fog drops way.

I cannot believe I am only still cooking at medium heat.

Today I also cannot believe I was so daft.

Bit of that

"The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived."

Oscar Wilde

It is truly amazing isn't it that when pain is reduced you do really feel a different person?

May we all be blessed and allowed to rediscover us for a bit.

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On a day when pain is at a low level. am 'me' again. May we have more of them.


Here here.


Hi nedd, I am so pleased of you that things seem to have improved so much :-) :-) yay. You mention your shoulder, is that osteoarthritis ? If so we can compare notes ;-)

Foggy x


No not osteoarthritis. I don't really know much about it other than i would rather it didn't come calling.

But chronic pain due to a neck injury. And the foggy brain and knackered ness that go with it. The pain flips between Chinese burn and stabbing sensation in vertebra to searing pain under right shoulder blade. And now the bugger is creeping up the neck cords to inflict headaches. If I over do it. After various interventions. I Now have been signed off from pain clinic via a pain management course. Silly me thought I would be taught to manage the pain away. Having said that it was helpful in avoiding the dreaded flare up and confirmed my theory that physio is one suits all and that it aggravated my triggers. The best thing I took from the course apart from the laughs was I have created an exercise routine that I can stick with.

The couple of hours I had pain free was the first in 7 years. I would like think it was not a one off. But suspect it was the fairy on top of the Christmas trees blessing. As I was up a 4 this morning walking whippet.

May your Christmas house spirit shower blessings on you.



I know that was of no help to you at all. But just writing it down for me was helpful. You hold all the angst in don't you and stick a smile on. While all the while the bugger is still biting.



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